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message 1: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Tarttelin Thank you so much for your very thoughtful review, Liz. I personally struggle with young protagonists, so I was hesitant to let Thera be the main voice in this book... but instinct prevailed and there was just something I felt had to be said about these very dark stories - of paedophilia, of rape - being things that belong to very young women and girls, who are often left out of discussions about how we deal with these events as a society, and so are left alone to come to their own understanding of what these things mean. Still, a child talking for however many hours is not for everyone! And as a reader I can also find it grating. So thanks for taking the time to read and I appreciated that you finished the book and left a very fair review. Love, Abby x

message 2: by Sharon (new)

Sharon I’m 17% in and thinking of dnf’ing as finding it a bit ‘wearing’ just as you say. It definitely feels geared toward a younger reader rather than the adult audience the blurb indicated.

message 3: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Should have been 35% read...definitely giving up

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