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message 1: by George (new)

George You are right that that book can only be properly enjoyed if you read Going Postal. Too bad you didn't go through the series chronologically, you might have enjoyed his brand of humor more.

message 2: by Tomislav (new)

Tomislav 38 books is too much for something I only marginally enjoy. I did like Mort, but these later books seem purely self-referencing. Don't you get tired of it?

message 3: by George (new)

George I was in high school when I read them all, as much as I was concerned at the time there wasn't anything like it before and I had way more time then.

message 4: by Tomislav (new)

Tomislav I can understand that. Maybe if I had first encountered Terry Pratchett at a younger age, it would now bring memories of that with each new book. It is how I feel about Kurt Vonnegut.

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