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message 1: by Skylar (new)

Skylar Burris This was such an entertaining review that I now feel no need to read the book! I did very much enjoy your sarcasm in this, even if I probably couldn't live in your neighborhood because I'm a backward, paranoid prosimians slavering over my guns. Still, part of me is intrigued, because the book blurb leads me to believe that I must live in the only neighborhood left in the U.S. that is about 50/50 Democrat/Republican, and have the only extended family that is about 50/50 Democrat/Republican.

message 2: by Sarahfina (new)

Sarahfina Good review. I was going to add this to my "to read" list but your review makes me feel like I'll just be reading a lot of stuff I already know. I'm reading Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine" so I'm already kind of going through that.

This country is just too big for a representative democracy like ours to work. True story.

Oh. And we ARE better than them :) But they have guns, so maybe I shouldn't say that...

message 3: by mlady_rebecca (new)

mlady_rebecca Awesome review.

The overall concept of the book sounds interesting, although selectively taking out race and focusing hard on religion seems rather arbitrary.

message 4: by Richmond (new)

Richmond Vernon If only election 2000 turned out to be the zenith of American political divisiveness

message 5: by Andonu (new)

Andonu R. People don't need to live in societies like these. They can live without markets. They can change the constitution. See this.

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