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message 1: by Helen 2.0 (new)

Helen 2.0 Ah this sounds awesome actually! I can’t stand how so many reverse harems have submissive heroines.

message 2: by Marguerite (M) (new)

Marguerite (M) And i can't stand when even the strong ones end up submissive in the bedroom with all of their partners.

Gaby★Me Myshelf and I★ ...well it would be v hard to beat Kit Davenport, doesnt beat Hijinks either in my opinion! all i could think of was true blood lol!

message 4: by Marguerite (M) (new)

Marguerite (M) Omg yes you're so right! Ciarah is a lot more badass than sookie tho :p
I'm planning to read Hijinkd real soon (book 3 is almost out, waiting sucks)!

Gaby★Me Myshelf and I★ It's prob the most erotic RH I've read which is saying something! You'll love the guys tho they deff give Austin Caleb river and cole a run for their money!

message 6: by Marguerite (M) (new)

Marguerite (M) And the sex totally makes sense

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