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Sofie I wrote a paper on this book for English class, and I wrote about how the many types of dualities in the novel promoted feminism. And with dualities I mean light and dark, strong and weak, fast and slow, yin and yang, female and male. Both sides are always needed to balance each other out, otherwise both would fall. The androgyny aspect of Gethen depicts how everyone are equal, even during kemmer because the two sexes need each other to create a child, and at the same time they develop a strong unity. This then translates into our society where we need to start viewing people as crucial pieces of a larger entity, and every single trait possessed are needed to not have the scales tip over. Therefore all people, regardless of gender, should be treated absolutely and irrevocably equal.
Sorry for the long comment! Just wanted to share my perspective on the book :)

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Jos Eldred So glad it wasn’t just me.

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