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message 1: by Irish Rhulain (new)

Irish Rhulain It's been awhile since I've read a book that is narrated in the era's speech.

message 2: by Terri (new)

Terri It was a pleasure reading this review and finding someone who seems to be as big of fan of Christopher Paul Curtis as I am! I live in the same city as him, and have been going to his book readings and talks ever since his first book came out. I can't say I know him personally, but have met him several times (both at the library where he does his talks and around town), and he is a very nice, personable, funny guy, generous with his time, and just seems to be an all-around cool guy. I was just at a book reading for 'Charlie' today, and I have to say your theories about how Curtis writes are spot on, as is your review. I won't bother to write a review of my own, as you've said it all!

message 3: by Annie (new)

Annie Hess This review says it all. Thank you!

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