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message 1: by Brittny (new)

Brittny Desvarieux I think it would be cool if he took the time to maybe change his audience and write to men about self-care, healing or any other inner issues they may have. So many women have other women telling them how they deserve to be treated, while men just continue with the same heartbreaking behavior. I think it would be beneficial if he took some time to write to the male population. Aside from that, I do think his poems are necessary to read for women in toxic relationships, but I agree that it does matter what season of life you find this book and read it.

message 2: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Taylor That is an amazing idea!! I feel like from a young age boys are taught to be tough, to walk it off, to hide emotions. I think that breeds men who don't really know how to love properly because they feel it makes them weak. He should use his platform to reach out to those men and teach them how to be truly vulnerable and how to express love and show gratitude in a relationship. I would definitely read that!!

message 3: by Brittny (new)

Brittny Desvarieux I hope my idea reaches him in time... lol.

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