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message 1: by Gabriel Joseph (new)

Gabriel Joseph My coworker the other day snooped around my desk and found a list I kept. This list consisted of books I wanted to buy on payday. Every other week or so, I start scribbling down on napkins or receipts, the names of authors or books I find interesting. 'Sandra Cisneros' she saw last week. Thats when she became excited.
-Gabriel I didnt know you liked Sandra!
-Well i havent read anything yet from her. Why?
-Oh i know her! She is my friends friend!
-Really? wow. how ironic. i wanted to read her novel, Caramelo...

She goes on about how squeaky Sandras voice is. And how awesome her vehicle and colorful her style and life is. My coworker is from San Antonio and swore that she had spent many hours with Sandra.

Then something silly happened yesterday. Another good friend who moved to Chicago was homesick, and wrote me an email telling me she was sad...Because Texicans need other Texicans around. I smiled when I read your review as you mentioned Texican in it....
well tomorrow by 8pm, I Gabriel Lujan will be reading this book. TAke care! Thanks for the review.

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary I was surprised at the comments here about the language being difficult. I grew up in San Antonio and heard Spanish spoken daily. A couple of the terms were unfamiliar but understandable in context. Also, Sandra follows almost every Spanish term with paraphrasing. This is the first of her books I've read and I absolutely plan to read others.

message 3: by Gina Gwen (new)

Gina Gwen I'm confused, are you talking about my comments?
You said, "I was surprised at the comments here about the language being difficult."

I'm confused because I didn't say they were difficult, some were words I hadn't heard in years since I no longer live with my full Spanish speaking familia, but "difficult"? Nah.
If you are referring to someone else's comment, then disregard. Glad you enjoyed the book!

message 4: by Mary (new)

Mary I was referring to some of the comments in the other reviews.

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