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Linda Cameron-Brewer I had the privilege to be able to pre read this collection prior to its release. I have to say that I could not put it down. It is centred around two couples, Miranda with Spencer and Mark and Corbin. The journey Miranda takes you on not only with her struggles for a relationship that lives up to the fantasy world she lives in from her books, but also her journey on writing romance novel for M&M. It is in her quest to write this novel that we meet Mark and Corbin (my favourite couple). Her relationship with them not only teaches Miranda what a true loving relationship looks like but the reader as well. I found Peyton's writing style fantastic, one in which I can connect with. The characters are realistic and you can quickly fall in love or become frustrated with them. When I read I become fully invested and this series made it worth my while. A must read in my opinion and the sex it Hot which is just a bonus.

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