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message 1: by Natasha (new)

Natasha Lane Lolz love your review & I'm sure he is.

message 2: by Hassan (new)

Hassan G Love Orwell's writing, and I love your review
With your permission I'd like to quote some of it and share it with my friends!
This part "Rules are lures, and laws are walls and all the people are silly fools" had me in awe .. beautifully written, thank you so much for sharing!

message 3: by Leo (new)

Leo . hi Hassan.

of course you can use " rules are lures and laws are walls and all the people are silly fools "

here is another one of my quotes

"a sheep needs a Shepherd, it seems

to help guide the sleep, when he or she dreams"

message 4: by Pasi (new)

Pasi Rahko If you are looking for good dystopian books to read, then I would recommend to you "This Perfect Day" by Ira Levin. While overshadowed by more popular dystopia novels like 1984, I think this book is among the mot powerful of its genre, and it's fun to read and a fun retro futuristic 70s style dystopia novel.

message 5: by Leo (new)

Leo . 🐯👍

message 6: by Jean-marcel (new)

Jean-marcel The poem would make great lyrics to a hardcore/punk song!

I really like the book myself, and it's got so many memorable passages and scenes. I can't help feel that it's inevitable absorption by what one might call pop culture might be a bit unfortunate. It does sometimes seem like people invoke it's name out of hysteria. I know that people (governments, corporations, cabals!) can and do often go too far, but generally I can't help but feel that the rise of technology is a good thing for the human race. But maybe that's because I can only speak for myself, as one who has embraced some of its boons wholeheartedly and whose life has been made better as a result of such progress.

I used to believe the grim dystopia of The Party was not something that could last nearly as long as OBrien prophecised. Surely people would realise how unhappy they were and do something about it? But yeah, this is not something I would stake my life on. Maybe people really are as malleable under the hands of a controlling state that knows how to use the modern tools at its disposal.

Richard Burton is great and all, but if you want to see something cool, check out the 1950s BBC production of 1984, with Peter Cushing as Winston and Andre Morell as OBrien. Those two made a great double act in many films, including that of Holmes and Watson, but I think they were best as antagonists.

message 7: by Simon (new)

Simon Well we've seen the collapse of the USSR which 1984 is clearly a metaphor for, and now the first steps taken towards Korean unification so I don't know if the DPRK even works as a counter-example.

For what it's worth, much of the canonization of 1984 and Animal Farm comes from their surrounding context which is little appreciated today. Orwell wrote those books after the end of WW2 but before the Cold War as we know it today really started, in other words where Western European admiration for the USSR was at a high point thought unthinkable before the war and would never reach again.

message 8: by Leo (new)

Leo . Ha! I have been waiting for a musician to collaborate with me as I have copious amounts of rhymes and poems. Maybe one day my prose will earn me some money. I am working on a picture poetry book at present and half finished the sequel to Kandor The Warrior. 🐯👍

message 9: by P.E. (new)

P.E. Cos' rules are lures, and laws are walls
That one runs smooth!

Swell review, Leo.

message 10: by Leo (new)

Leo . cheers P.E.

message 11: by Supreeth (new)

Supreeth Awesome review Leo. Orwell's frigging clairvoyant.

message 12: by Leo (new)

Leo . Or in the Know or was he in the Now?


message 13: by Leo (new)

Leo . 😀

message 14: by Tony (new)

Tony Sunderland He got it right with Animal Farm as well. The pigs run the world!

message 15: by Leo (new)

Leo . 😀😨

message 17: by Biblio (new)

Biblio Curious I'm sure your review has been updated since I originally liked it back in the summer. O.O How batty our world is becoming.

The film version from the 50's is darker then the one from the 80s. :(

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