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message 1: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Nice review. It is good to see a younger person (than me anyway) give this novel a fair shake. The scroll version of "On the Road" uses the real names.

Sal Paradise is of course Jack Kerouac.

Dean Moriarty is Neal Cassidy of Further and "Cassady" by the Grateful Dead. It was always curious why Kerouac picked a pseudonym for Cassidy that resembled death.

Carlo Marx is Alan Ginsberg who wrote the great poem "Howl".

Bull Hubbard is William S. Burroughs who wrote "Naked Lunch" and killed his wife in a tragic "William Tell" accident.

The scroll version is also way more explicit about the homosexual relationship between Dean and Carlo (Neal and Alan in the scroll version). I remember reading the novel and not really picking up on that.

I love Sal's first trip out west best. His description of going from the verdant east to the stark west is just awesome. I also love the part with the Mexican girl. I think that is where Sal is the happiest but he just can't bring himself to commit to it. The lure of wild adventures with Dean is too strong. Also, Jack has mommy issues. He would never leave is Mom long term for another woman. Jack had some issues. He has an incredible man crush on Neal. He idealizes him as the living, breathing, embodiment of Jazz. Always moving, always burning. Neal can't really live up to that. He really does not mind being a husband and Dad. He deserts Sal in Mexico City to go back to Carolyn and their friendship is never the same.

message 2: by Gregory (new)

Gregory Conway Neal Cassidy is also mentioned in Hunter S Thompson`s book`.hells angels.

message 3: by Clayton (new)

Clayton Shelton Dean Moriarty (Neal Cassidy) was most definitely a muse for up-and-comings of the beats.

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