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message 1: by Wendy Darling (new)

Wendy Darling I'm reading this soon...will be back to check your rant spoiler!

message 2: by karen (new)

karen good- then we can have a spoiler-conversation. i think it was just me, though. i have hang-ups.

message 3: by Eh?Eh! (new)

Eh?Eh! I use sandwich, too, when I think someone is too skinny. "I want to feed her a sandwich." "He should eat a sandwich." How did sandwich become the go-to recovery food?

message 4: by Mariel (new)

Mariel One day you will be folding laundry and Briscoe (I know he's dead but no one else compared) will show up to ask you questions. If you stop doing laundry you are innocent and if you continue to fold you'll be guilty in the law half.

message 5: by karen (new)

karen sandwiches are hearty, wholesome, maternal foods. mammas like to make sandwiches.

right now, i am cleaning to ncis. it is okay. i think a crime was committed... but my t-shirts are all stacked! (innocent!!)

message 6: by Marta (new)

Marta Acosta This sounds like a cautionary tale that one should be aware of one's bitchiness before one is dead. I know I am.

message 7: by karen (new)

karen i guess you and i will never be ghosts... ):

message 8: by Marta (new)

Marta Acosta But I still want to be a ghost! I told my mother that I was going to be one and she said, "Er, so how exactly do you do that?" And I said, "I'm researching it."

Sadly, I haven't done one bit of research cuz I got sidetracked with Project Runway and Supernatural and turning in my final edits to my editor and things.

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Criminal Intent is the best one. At least the first few seasons before D'Onofrio got all fat and sick and was frequently absent and before the opening theme music went to horrendously, laughably terrible.

He's tilting his head at you, making you confess your crimes.

message 10: by karen (new)

karen yeah. every.single.time.

i think it is terrrible.

message 11: by karen (new)

karen he should solve the mystery of how to become a ghost. make those spirits confess!

message 12: by Joshua Nomen-Mutatio (last edited Sep 30, 2011 06:46PM) (new)

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio I'm tilting my head at you with great disappointment.

I think it's (unintentionally) funny. And I think I have a slightly gay thing for Vincent D'Onofrio and that explains my allegiance to Criminal Intent, or as we fans call it C.I. or Crim Tent or C Tent. And by 'slightly' I mean 'superfantastically'. Okay, you've pressured this confession out of me with all your interrogating! Happy now?? Where's my lawyer?

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Crim Tent. Gawsh, I'm funny.

message 14: by karen (new)

karen yes, with comedy gold like that, you are almost ready to write witty one-liners for d'onofrio himself.

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio I bet I can write a mean head-tilt description.

message 16: by Marta (new)

Marta Acosta MyFlesh, I've had a fondness for Vincent since he played the hunky fisherman in Mystic Pizza, a poignant tale of girls with shoulder pads, lobsters, and social injustice. And pizza. And big hair. And hunky fisherman who must be ruthlessly lured into pre-marital sex.

Karen, haven't watched these crime shows because of the tragic lack of hunky husky fishermen, so I know I'm missing important literary analogies about bitchy girl ghost novels.

message 17: by karen (new)

karen blood of heroes. best d'onofrio ever.

i think you are probably not missing much, it is enough to know that some forms of entertainment are there and then gone - fleeting and brief enough to not leave a trace on the psyche. the shows are only cool when they use luminol.

message 18: by Maureen (last edited Jan 30, 2012 08:01PM) (new)

Maureen i recommend leverage for background television. it is a criminal procedural, sort of robin hood style with timothy hutton and a good supporting cast. i am not interesting in reading this book, but i really like this review and I LOVE THE BLOOD OF HEROES*. you are right. best d'onofrio ever. especially when he and joan chen are painfully banging after the winning that jugger match. rutger is a long term boyfriend of mine but d'onofrio is a tall and lean drink of water in that film. of course, poor dog boy. *yes, i have this on dvd. but not the extended euro version. :)

message 19: by karen (new)


message 20: by Maureen (new)

Maureen karen wrote: "THERE IS AN EXTENDED EURO VERSION???"

there is apparently an extra 10-12 minutes in the euro version "salute of the jugger" but i have never been able to find it in the proper region style...


message 21: by karen (new)

karen ooohhhh.... i think i know someone who can help...

message 22: by Erin (new)

Erin Like. You had me at Law and Order. I grew up with that as a background show. It's perfect for a lazy day in. SVU is my favorite.

I'll have to check this one out, since you've compared it to Before I Fall...which may just be my favorite YA. Definitely my favorite stand alone.

Thanks, as always, for your review!

message 23: by karen (new)

karen no problem!! i hope you like it!

message 24: by Majenta (new)

Majenta Nothing wrong with a little healthy rarrrrrring-airing-out.

message 25: by Melissa (new)

Melissa I got this last year and could not get into it. Thanks for saving me from trying to read it again.

message 26: by Janie (new)

Janie C. Have you ever watched The First 48?

message 27: by Celeste stokes (new)

Celeste stokes I think i read that book ,it rings a bell in my head !!

message 28: by karen (new)

karen -glad to save you some time! too many better things out there.

-i have not seen the first 48, but if it's on netflix, i will add it to my chore-based tv schedule. i've been cleaning to leverage lately, and that is also a good one for the job.

message 29: by Janie (new)

Janie C. karen wrote: "-glad to save you some time! too many better things out there.

-i have not seen the first 48, but if it's on netflix, i will add it to my chore-based tv schedule. i've been cleaning to leverage la..."

It's a weekly offering on A&E. They seem to replay the episodes pretty regularly, and you can also find it on On Demand. It's a reality show, but it's excellent (imo).

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