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message 1: by Robert T Jones (new)

Robert T Jones After the first third of the book which I really enjoyed,
Aaron/Trees seemed to become totally self absorbed to the near total exclusion of the other characters which was a complete turn off for me
I read no further.

message 2: by Victoria (new)

Victoria I agree Robert, such a shame as it was an original idea and had so much promise at the start

message 3: by Thelma (new)

Thelma Rodriguez I’m not a big fan of Science Fiction, but I was open minded about starting the book as the concept was new to me. At first I was intrigued by the concept of being reincarnated and starting life again, but I just couldn’t seem to enjoy the writing. It seemed too repetitive and overly descriptive. I continued and finished the book, but I must admit that I was bored in some parts, specifically the teenage years, once Tres was able to describe his own life and perceptions of it. I did enjoy the theme of family and just how important the bond between son and mother is, but I wouldn’t recommend the book if Science Fiction isn’t your favorite.

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