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message 1: by Rejane (new)

Rejane Great review. I was a little bit inclined in reading this but thanks to your review I’ll gladly pass it. I don’t like this kind of plan/deceptions when it takes the whole book to be revealed. It just lowers the love the characters are supposed to feel for each other. And like you said, the book is lead by sex scenes to replace an actual plot (just what I understood of it). I admit shamelessly I like my books with the smut, but not to the point to take over the book.

message 2: by Dísir (new)

Dísir Thanks Rejane. Tessa Bailey writes smut well, if you can get into the pairing and are invested in it. But I hated so much about the way this couple came together, so it just divebombed!

message 3: by Rejane (new)

Rejane That’s why I decided not to read it. Because of the way they came together and because the female mc strung the lies to the end. And sex doesn’t substitute an actual plot. It’s supposed to be a complement. Unless it’s stated it’s a 99% erotica book where a plot and development are not a main part of the story.

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