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message 1: by Adina (new)

Adina Sound something I will enjoy as I love sleeping. :)) It will make me feel better about my 9 hours of daily sleep.

message 2: by Darian (new)

Darian Onaciu Funny thing is the author says that sleep is so important that he appreciates and encourages people who fall asleep while reading his book.
It made me reevaluate my sleeping habits and I'm currently working on enhancing both the duration and the quality of my sleep.
For sure you'll enjoy it, even the more boring parts where you'll fall asleep. :))

message 3: by Todd (new)

Todd N Looks very interesting. Thanks for the recommendation (again).

message 4: by Darian (new)

Darian Onaciu Todd wrote: "Looks very interesting. Thanks for the recommendation (again)."

You're welcome, Todd, and I hope you like it.

message 5: by Raluca (new)

Raluca Ciocian Ardeleanu Does it offer advice for people who have trouble falling asleep or just have a completely messy sleep schedule?

message 6: by Darian (new)

Darian Onaciu Yes, as far as I remember it does for both cases.
If you'd only like the advice you can search online - he has lots of talks and articles which distill some rules for sleeping better.

However I'd also recommend the book and not only because he's the only author who's glad if you fall asleep while reading his book. :)

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