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message 1: by Fernanda (new)

Fernanda When are you going to make another 24 hrs readathon? I love those videos and making my own readathons with friends.

message 2: by Chanel (new)

Chanel I've been meaning to re-read this book for YEARS (as I've had the book since I was about 8) so that I can read the rest of the series. Now that the film is around the corner I need to get on this!

message 3: by Britt (new)

Britt Sheehan I really liked the audio book of this read by Hope Davis and following along with the graphic novel. Without those aids I had a lot of difficulty comprehending it. Check out the graphic novel!

message 4: by Atiye (new)

Atiye The plot sounds really good and I'm definetly going to have to get around to this book sometime soon. By the way, reading A Court Of Thorns And Roses. SO GOOOD!

message 5: by Skylie (new)

Skylie Gough Zoe, I am really wanting to make a BookTube channel, do u have any advice for someone new to BookTube?

message 6: by Lexie (new)

Lexie I didn't even know that this was a quintet

message 7: by Lilylovesbooks (new)

Lilylovesbooks lily I’m reading it for the 24 hour readathon

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