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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Hadd Your reviews read like your books - not only do I want to read this book now, but I also want to read more of the review. 🤣

message 2: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Stiefvater :)

The Victorian Sammy Blog Club i agree with you Maggie

message 4: by Roseanne (new)

Roseanne This review. Wow. At first, based on the novels description being in second person, I was put off a bit. But now. I. must. read. this.

message 5: by Marrije (new)

Marrije I bought & read the novel based on this review and that you *so much*. What a delicious book - I loved it. Sweet and thoughtful and utterly romantic. Yay.

message 6: by Olya (new)

Olya thank you for such a warm review! it makes me want to find it and read it asap

message 7: by Lisa Hadley (new)

Lisa Hadley I'm sure if ok thanks okay really need

message 8: by Merri (new)

Merri Monks Great review--and I also loved this book--and want to read it again and again!!

message 9: by Tweetybird (new)

Tweetybird I looked up this book because I heard it won the Pulitzer Prize. But that's not always an accurate indicator of quality (case in point: A Confederacy of Dunces. Utter drek). But this one? Your review clinched it, I'm going to have to read it. And look up your other reviews (and your own books, as another commenter mentioned). Your review is so well written. Thanks Ms. Stiefvater! ~Diana from Toronto

message 10: by Yunita (new)

Yunita Wongso you should publish a book!

message 11: by Paige (new)

Paige I love your writing, great review, thanks for this! I really look forward to reading this one.

message 12: by Jan (new)

Jan Angus I was so intrigued by your review of Less, which was next on my reading list, that I looked up your novels, too. A new bonanza of must-reads!

message 13: by Jill (new)

Jill Perfect review of this book

message 14: by Todd (new)

Todd Gambill Perfectly crafted review!

message 15: by Isabel (new)

Isabel Blakefield I just finished Less and wanted to see what other people thought. This is how I stumbled across your beautiful review. I looked to see what books you had written and was shocked to see that you are the author of a number of books I read and loved years ago. I’m so happy to have the reminder of your books and am off to have a re-read now!

message 16: by Kathy (new)

Kathy I was on the fence whether to read this or not. You convinced me. Thanks for this review! And happiness is most definitely not bullshit!

message 17: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Beautiful review!

message 18: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Couldn’t have said it better. As soon as I finished it I wanted to read it again!

message 19: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Knock-out review - I’ll be reading this one.

message 20: by Julia (new)

Julia Little What page is this quote on?

message 21: by Emily (new)

Emily Patterson Odd how nobody has noticed this book is based on Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”. Robert Frost is Robert in the book and Less is the road less taken or “the self-deception we practice when constructing the story of our own lives.”

message 22: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn Great review of a great book.

message 23: by Kitty (new)

Kitty Balay You have perfectly summed up why I love this book & have it 5 stars!

message 24: by Grace (new)

Grace  Hopps I read this review months ago, at a time when I wasn't very happy, but immediately added it to my list of to-reads. I finally got around to reading it this past week, a point in my life when I was much happier, and I have to say, the book is right: happiness is not bullshit.

message 25: by Shikha (new)

Shikha One of the beautiful, well articulated and interesting reviews

message 26: by June (new)

June Sobel It is one of the few books I've read in along time that I wanted to re-read as soon as I finished.

message 27: by Jess (new)

Jess Soft-hearted bastard of a novel sums it up so succinctly. Thanks for sharing this.

message 28: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Bowman This review perfectly captures my reaction to Less. "It had me from the first page, and I'm not even precisely sure why. The prose is wonderful, to be sure. Playful, rollicking, sly, observant. [...] I actually think I loved it because of what it believes." Yes and yes. I loved that [spoiler alert?] his novel was turned down b/c no one would be interested in a novel about... what Less is precisely about - and you are interested, and you do care. The "happiness" line you quote, though correct and a summation of at least one theme of the book, was not my favorite, b/c it seemed harsher, craggier, than the rest of the prose, and stood out as not belonging for its style, rather than for its content.

message 29: by Marcus (new)

Marcus Klassen This was a fun, self-propelling read. Every nuance was so apt to life. Even the sadness had some cheekiness, and the ending was a happy surprise that left me more contented than I expected.

message 30: by Corita (new)

Corita Wonderful review!

message 31: by Lara (new)

Lara Hi Maggie,

What a mo fo of a first line of a review!!!

message 32: by Lara (new)

Lara And Emily thanks for the Robert Frosting! I for one did not grok that.

message 33: by Sarah Suzy (new)

Sarah Suzy Oh I just started this book and your review makes me so much more excited! Thanks!

message 34: by Breenamars (new)

Breenamars Enjoy the ride Sarah!

message 35: by Bigtreble (new)

Bigtreble Didn’t have me from the first page. Read the first 50,put it aside. Picked it up again and LOVED it! So many great quotes! Arthur Less is fascinating, entertaining and ... kind of sad. But he could definitely be my best friend.

message 36: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth What an incredible review! Makes me want to re-read it!
My favorite line, happiness is not bullshit, it’s so true.

message 37: by Mariano (new)

Mariano Chaves I loved this book. LOVED IT!! Arthur is adorable. Totally agree with your review!!

message 38: by Rachel (new)

Rachel I'm so glad we have some fans of Arthur Less, the character, in this comment thread. So many people are saying he's uninteresting and flat, to which I take personal offense, because Arthur Less is JUST LIKE ME. And yes, people do think I'm adorable ... as well as utterly frustrating at times, that's right ... but ... guess what, I'm worth it. :)

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