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message 1: by JB (new)

JB Lynn They are strangely addicting; like donuts or chips. You know they're not good for you, but you just can't seem to stop. I read the original trilogy. Never felt the need to continue, though.

Katie_Living_in_Bookland I would have to say it was kind of the same for me as well. I didn't necessarily like it, but it was a quick read and some parts of it I did enjoy. I did feel kind of guilty reading it though. :P

message 3: by Ciao Qiao (new)

Ciao Qiao Right? I felt the same way. Overall, my reaction to the series is "Meh" but I managed to finish it all the same. Haha. What spell have we been cast under that makes us want to continue reading despite all our complaints?

message 4: by GridGirl (new)

GridGirl I'm actually just watching your "Try a chapter"-Tag right now while having breakfast and I had to laugh when I heard what you said about this book, because I saw your review only a few minutes ago :P

message 5: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey I felt the same way. I read them all because they were very cheap on Amazon Kindle and they were all right. It was a quick entertaining read but I probably would have enjoyed them a lot more if I had read them when I was younger.

FortressOfBookitude I've read the first book this year and it was the book with the worst writing I've read for years. No inner action plus large character inconsistencies. And there's the thing one would call "worldbuilding" in another, far better planned book. I'm actually surprised that you gave it 3/5 cause... well it can be amoeba-light entertainment but from the objective point of view it's so cringeworthy.

message 7: by Inês (new)

Inês Lucas I just finished The Heir yesterday, and I only started reading The Selection series last week. I read 4 books in a week xD I admit that they aren't exactly Dickens, but they are quite fun and sometimes it's nice to read something light for a change. America's indecision annoyed me beyond reason, but Maxon was such a sweetheart that I ended up enjoying it very much. However, the last two books (The Heir and The Crown) are much better in my opinio, because they focus on a different character!

message 8: by Paula (new)

Paula Exactly my thoughts 😅

message 9: by Andrea (new)

Andrea I was really unsure if I would like this when I started, but ended up reading all five main books in like 2 days. It hooks you!

Mandy | books_tea_and_owls I don’t like the love triangle much, either. 😒

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