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message 1: by Rachel K (new)

Rachel K Definite pass for me! Thanks so much for the review, Leonor. Saved me from smashing my kindle! 😉

message 2: by Cyndi (new)

Cyndi Sounds terrible!

 Leo (Queen of the Rants) Lol, I was close to breaking my poor kindle. 😫

message 4: by Miranda R. (new)

Miranda R. Awesome review L! Voy a pasar este libro. Gracias.

message 5: by Ann Lou (new)

Ann Lou Yikes! Great review Leonor! Definitely not for me.

 Leo (Queen of the Rants) Thank you ladies. 🙂

message 7: by Nixxi (new)

Nixxi grat review....thanks for the heads up... this is a pass for me.

message 8: by Nixxi (new)

Nixxi Great*

 Leo (Queen of the Rants) You're welcome Nixxi.

message 10: by Fatimama (new)

Fatimama Omg! Wtf!

message 11: by Kristina (new)

Kristina Since every review of yours I've read has been accurate I'm skipping this one. Thanks.

message 12: by Rejane (new)

Rejane Omg.. that’s cheaters 101
And that’s abhorrent. Thank you for the info

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