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message 1: by Renny (new)

Renny Barcelos Thanks for this review. I was on he fence about teading this one, fearing exactly what you pointed out would be the case bc the cover really reads like YA/chick lit, so I'll pass.

message 2: by Jeanette (new)

Jeanette Nothing to regret- wise to not waste your time.

message 3: by Martie (new)

Martie Nees Record I love when reading thoughts that so differ than mine on the same book. Thanks for posting.

message 4: by Jeanette (new)

Jeanette Me too. I do.

message 5: by Ðɑηηɑ (new)

Ðɑηηɑ Thank you for this review. I must ask, though, how could you tell whether or not this novel was historically accurate? Are you professionally certified to say this, are you basing your opinions on books that you've read? Is wikipedia your reliable source?
Thanks again for this review, it helped me lot.

message 6: by Jeanette (new)

Jeanette I’ve taken enough education in this field to know. And that field of all levels of study for homo populations, bone forensics & theories of evolution ages in general and in specific proofs/ trial are constantly changing. No, I never have or will consider Wikipedia accurate or singular. They censor what “they” consider and define as both prime to the subject and the proof. Plus they omit material sources that don’t “fit” their own “truth”. Fiction is fiction. Regardless. This is make believe.

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