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message 1: by M. (new)

M. Anderson I'm a big fan of Stephenson, and so I didn't mind the info-dumps. The ending was very disappointing. If you have a chance, please ask Galland how the book was supposed to end, before the publisher made them re-write it into the final product that I read.

message 2: by Jpmist (new)

Jpmist I was seeking another 3 star review before I posted mine to see if I was being harsh. Much of what you wrote resonated with me, but put another way, what I disliked the most was that seemingly 90% of the story was told in the past tense via various types of journal writing. That made it a bit dull and dry for me.

Another 3 star review pointed out how awful the women characters were written. And I couldn't argue that either as the all seemed so cliche.

Clearly Stephenson's strength as a writer is in the very tight back story structure he creates, but it's a shame that all of the story he imagines never really hits the page.

I keep waiting for another Baroque Cycle and get instead another Reamde.

message 3: by John (new)

John Sundman My Q & A with Nicole Galland in the Martha's Vineyard Times:

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Tim 👍🏼

message 5: by John (new)


Having spent time slogging through Anglo-Saxon poetry, I LOVED the epic of the Viking raiding of Walmart - it got the essential rhythm and alliteration right.

The essential fun-poking at bureaucracy and how black ops bureaucracies screw things up without fail was also well done.

This book manages to be fairly pomo without really trying. I didn't mind the narrative structure, despite the fact that the reader is somewhat removed from the action in several instances.

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