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message 1: by Anika (new)

Anika Yaaaaaaas

message 2: by Carah (new)

Carah I have this on my shelf and I haven't read it yet... Now I'm excited to pick it up!

message 3: by Ekene (new)

Ekene So glad you loved it. It was one of my fav. Question though, didn't it low-key remind you of Disney's Atlantis?

message 4: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea The writing alone is so gorgeous! Can't wait for Muse of Nightmares.

message 5: by Call Me Shivi (new)

Call Me Shivi Man I didn’t want to add any more to my TBR but I might just have to now!

message 6: by Sigrid (new)

Sigrid I need to read it 😍😍

message 7: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Thank god you loved thissssss because it’s my fave book too and I was waiting for your thoughts!!!!

message 8: by Peachcake (new)

Peachcake Yes! It’s just so frickin beautiful???? What the fuck?! 😍💕

message 9: by Cait (new)

Cait Is it just a duology??

message 10: by Ekene (new)

Ekene Cait wrote: "Is it just a duology??"

As far as I know, yup, only a duology

message 11: by Cait (new)

Cait Would you happen to know where I can purchase the beautiful original covers in hardback ?? The second book is at a decent price, but for some reason all the first book options I’m finding are close to $100 and most say they’re used... not even new copies... I’m just a sucker for hardcovers, but if I can’t find one soon then I suppose I’ll have to cave and get the them in paperback

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