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message 1: by Ayhan (new)

Ayhan Agreed. This book made me laugh out loudly more than a few times. As a straight male, i never ever want such a weak woman with zero selfrespect. I prefer strong women with personality, not a submissive slave thing.

message 2: by Kate (new)

Kate Sometimes it takes time for a woman to regain her self-respect after the lies of feminism have wrecked havoc on her life. A man's love can heal her entirely. She will struggle enormously, trying to give him what he needs to keep him, but she cannot give what she doesn't have, and if that is respect, it's an issue. This book can buy her time and help her succeed. In the end, there can be two confident, happy lovers, rather than two people who struggle with their self-image. Love can change things if you have the selflessness and patience to let it. If you do not need help gaining self-respect, lucky you, but be aware that you can slip and fall as quickly as anyone else! If you do need love to heal you in some way, and you have a spouse that has the capability of giving that to you, by alleans, ignore these arrogant, ignorant fools and take up this excellent book!

message 3: by Kate (new)

Kate *all means

message 4: by Janet (new)

Janet Well Kate, speaking of arrogant, ignorant fools, how are you today?

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