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message 1: by Tanuj (new)

Tanuj Solanki have u bought it? If you've a e-copy pls share it with me

message 2: by Mohit (new)

Mohit Parikh Have bought it... had an ebook too, just mailed.

message 3: by Tanuj (new)

Tanuj Solanki I have downloaded Tristam Shandy. Kundera talks about him too in his "The Art of the Novel".

message 4: by Mohit (new)

Mohit Parikh Its length intimidates me. How was 'The Art of the Novel'?

message 5: by Tanuj (new)

Tanuj Solanki I don't have the book. I have read only the first essay - about the history of the European novel - and fount it very moving, more than anything else. The perspicacity in Kundera's writing is there. Expanded my reading list: included people like Musil, Broch, Handke in it.

Actually, I think I willjust walk to the bookstore next to my house and read one more essay :)

message 6: by Mohit (new)

Mohit Parikh :)

message 7: by Tanuj (new)

Tanuj Solanki I read two more. There is a thrill in finishing a book in a bookstore, where you are actually supposed to buy it. The book does not teach you as much to write as it teaaches you about the history of the novel, or Kundera's version of it. At times, I found it more entertaining than a taut novel.

message 8: by Bad (new)

Bad Horse You have an appendix? My copy is pretty new, and doesn't!

I didn't understand why you said, "Describing the spiritual elements in fiction through his definitions does not seem to be necessary anymore." If by "unnecessary" you mean that people have lost sight of the fact that books can do that, I'd say that's all the more reason to go back and recall what "fantasy" used to mean.

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