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message 1: by Wilson (new)

Wilson Hines Mrs. Parkinson you're right! I think our history classes unfortunately teach us that everybody at the signing were getting along like well behaved children, when we now know they were not. It was a struggle within a struggle! I just read 1776 and I have now ordered John Adams. I look forward to seeing the true face of our freedom!

message 2: by John (new)

John Franklin I've been reading this and am almost through and totally agree. We shouldn't go by preconceived notions of what the state is somewhere else. We should wait and understand the struggle we face. This has been such a great book that has given me a different view of this period of time. I admire Adams greatly and think this is a book everyone, everywhere should buy and read.

message 3: by George (new)

George The more history I read the more I see the same things that trouble this country to this day. Lust for power, partisanship, envy, greed, inability to compromise.

It is amazing we ever formed a country. It is amazing we stayed together through the first 50 years.

I have new hope for this country we live in today because we have already overcome so much

message 4: by Jonathon Owens (new)

Jonathon Owens I like this book

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