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message 1: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Baker I think sometimes how we feel about a book we read is a result of where we are at in our lives at the time. There are times I look back and feel like I rated a book very high because prior to it, I read several poorly structured books. And then there are those books that you can read twice a year and they are still as exciting or moving as they were the first time. THOSE are the books that leave a mark on you.

message 2: by ElaineY (last edited Nov 05, 2018 04:41PM) (new)

ElaineY Like you, I've had a few 5-star books I read a decade or so ago that would have difficulty finishing today! Maybe we're spoilt by the sheer number of books today. I enjoyed this debut to the WMC series.

Btw, I was a little confused by what you said when questioning the motive of the killings - that a psychopath kills because he simply enjoys it - "but to influence others? I don't know." But from my reading of the book yesterday, influencing others was not at all the reason for the murders. After your review I had to read the last few chapters to check and yes, the killer had a motive/reason but it wasn't something as vague as wanting to influence others. I won't say what the reason is as I do not want to spoil the story.

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