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message 1: by Paromjit (last edited May 04, 2017 10:47AM) (new)

Paromjit Inspired review Cheri. Love the way you are so lyrical, atmospheric and insightful!!! WOW, sheer brilliance xoxox

message 2: by Cheri (last edited May 04, 2017 10:33AM) (new)

Cheri Thanks so much, Paromjit, you always say the nicest things. I really was swept away by this, so hard to believe it's a debut. xoxox

Dorie  - Cats&Books :) I loved this book, listened to it from Audible!
Very nice review

message 4: by Rob (new)

Rob Twinem Great review Cheri I too loved this book following a recommendation from Paromjit

message 5: by Julie (new)

Julie Fantastic review, Cheri!! This book is so good!!

message 6: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thanks, Dorie! I can imagine that listening to this would be good. I am in my car so rarely for any real length of time, anymore, so audio is hard for me to do. I can't *just* sit and listen! I'm glad to hear that you loved the audio version, though!

message 7: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thanks so much, Trev! Aren't Paromjit's reviews awesome? She always weaves such a spell around me! Loved this book!

message 8: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thank you so much, Julie! I agree, it's such a good book! So easy to fall into the pages and just submerge yourself in the story!

Lindsay - Traveling Sister Wonderful review Cheri! I'm so glad you enjoyed this! :-)

message 10: by Jen (new)

Jen Nice one, Cheri! Another one I need to move up

message 11: by Kaceey (new)

Kaceey Great review Cheri! Looking forward to reading this one!

message 12: by Mischenko (new)

Mischenko Can't wait for this one! Nice review as usual, Cheri!

Brenda -Traveling Sister host of The Traveling Friends Excellent review, Cheri! I really enjoyed this one too!

message 14: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Very good review Cheri. I enjoyed this one.

message 15: by Maureen (new)

Maureen Wonderful review again Cheri.

message 16: by *TANYA* (new)

*TANYA* Great review!!

message 17: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thanks, Lindsay, this really surprised me eve after all the 5 Star reviews!

message 18: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thanks, Jen! I think you should try to read this sooner than later, but I completely understand how many things can get in the way!

message 19: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thank you, Kaceey! I think this was wonderful, hope you do, too!

message 20: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thanks so much, Mischenko! I hope you love this, this isn't really my go-to genre, but it included just enough of those mystery "thriller" elements without being too much for me.

message 21: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thanks so much, Brenda! I was so happy to see your 5 Star review!

message 22: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thanks so much, Sarah! I remember that you really loved this! It completely exceeded my expectations!

message 23: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thanks so much, Maureen! So happy you enjoyed this, too!

message 24: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thanks so much, Tanya!! Happy to see your 5 Stars on this one!

message 25: by Bianca (new)

Bianca Splendid review. It's so interesting to see that this book resonates with people who are non-Australians. In my eyes, it's proof of Harper's talent in creating a compelling story, with real characters and authentic setting.

message 26: by Candi (new)

Candi This book has had some very favorable reviews - including this marvelous one by you, Cheri! If it wasn't already on my TBR, you would have convinced me :)

Mary Beth *Traveling Sister* Excellent review Cheri! This has been on my list for awhile now. I need to bump it up.

message 28: by Deanna (new)

Deanna wonderful review!!

message 29: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne Great choice of quotes! Great review!

message 30: by Larry (new)

Larry H Fantastic review, Cheri! So glad you loved this one, too!

message 31: by Cheri (last edited May 05, 2017 09:51AM) (new)

Cheri Thanks so much, Bianca, I think this story in a lot of ways is similar to our "Dust Bowl" stories, and although that was long ago, the endless talk of drought here is familiar. For me, while I've been to Australia a handful of times, the idioms of the language are familiar to me, having a few friends from there. But with the internet, the continents hardly seem all that far away, anymore, and people are people no matter where they live or are from. Add to that Jane Harper's talent to bring the location and characters to life so clearly, and I am not surprised that it's receiving so much love. So glad you loved this, too.

message 32: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thanks, Candi, you are so sweet! I think you will love this one, too.

message 33: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thanks, Mary! This is one of those books that I think you should read as soon as possible, I suspect soon enough everyone you know will be talking about it - and you don't want any of the surprises ruined beforehand!

message 34: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thanks so much, Suzanne! This has so many great quotes to choose from, narrowing it down wasn't easy!

message 35: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thank you, Larry, I really am so happy that you loved this one, too! Just wonderful!

message 36: by Sara (new)

Sara You sold me, Cheri. I'll just put this on my short-list.

message 37: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Wonderful to hear, Sara!! I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did!

message 38: by Mike (new)

Mike Fantastic review, Cheri, So happy to see that you enjoyed this one so much. Loved the quotes you integrated. It remains very high on my list of priorities to acquire.

message 39: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thanks so much, Mike! The story flows so effortlessly, I was swept away from the start. I suspect you will be, as well. The quotes - these are just a few of those that paint the atmosphere of despair... and there are plenty of quote worthy moments in this one. Enjoy!

message 40: by Karen (new)

Karen Wonderful review Cheri! So happy that you loved it too! I can't wait to meet Falk again!

message 41: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thank you, Karen, I was so impressed with this book, if I hadn't *had* to put it down, I would have just finished it in one sitting. It was so good! I can't wait to meet Falk again, I'm hoping he's included in the rest of the series!

message 42: by Debbie (new)

Debbie I don't usually read farm books, but your enthusiasm is making me damn curious!! Great review!

message 43: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Wonderful to hear, Debbie, and thank you! There's not really a lot of actual farming going on in this town since the drought, it's just a background which explains some of the behavior and attitudes with tensions high! I think you'll enjoy this!

message 44: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thanks so much, Maddie. It is sad, but it's also part mystery / thriller... there is not a lot of dwelling or description of the livestock dying - but having said that, I agree, Maddie. Especially when there are children who come to think of them as pets, but even when livestock are not, there is despair, regardless, watching everything you loved slowly falling apart. Watching any one you love die, regardless of person or animal, it's heartbreaking.

message 45: by Victoria (new)

Victoria As always, you're luminous in your descriptions of what affected you in the reading. I know you're not big on mysteries or thrillers so when you give one 4.5 stars, that speaks volumes.

message 46: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Thank you so much, Victoria! I think you will love this, the writing is wonderful, the story is very compelling and you will undoubtedly feel everything these people are going through intensely. For me, the mystery wasn't really what kept me reading, but I enjoyed that part, too. Hope you get a chance to read this soon!

Dorie  - Cats&Books :) Thinking back on this as I was going through title suggestions for my daughters I think that this is one of my top twenty for 2017 so far. It was really different and the descriptive writing was awesome :)

message 48: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Dorie, I would have to agree that this is likely in my top 20 of this year so far, although I have to say that this has been a remarkably great year! This is the kind of book I could recommend to almost anyone, very different for me, and I loved the writing, too.

message 49: by Annet (new)

Annet I've been doubting about this book for some time now, although so many good reviews. Just read yours again and think I will try it this year.

message 50: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Annet, I normally doubt a book when there are so many 5 star reviews, but I understand why this is so highly rated. It's really that good. There is a mystery to this, even a slight thriller aspect, but at its heart this is really the tale of a small town that is going through a hard time, the draw of "home" and family and the writing gets high marks from all. I'm glad you're planning on reading this, I do think you'll enjoy it.

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