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message 1: by Robjr73 (new)

Robjr73 It’s perhaps the worst book I’ve ever summed it up nicely

message 2: by Alice (new)

Alice Cai Aw strange doggos. I actually kind of want to read this now, but I scrolled down and all the reviews were bad.

message 3: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Strömquist Thank you Cody, I thought Koontz had stopped entertaining/amusing us for good, but indirectly through your brilliant review he still does!

message 4: by Obsidian (new)

Obsidian Oh God. I forgot about this book.

message 5: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Breathless, Your Heart Belongs to Me and Darkest Evening of the Year are absolutely Koontz's worst books. I really believe that had those titles not come from an already mega bestselling author they wouldn't gave been published.

message 6: by Larry Lopez (new)

Larry Lopez hello. im new here and i saw you on a couple Dean koontz reviews. i was wonderig if you could help me. i really love this particular book. i hve a tendancy to carry my books to my drems so i dont like reading murder books and scary books. this one i really liked because it wasnt scary and the two dog like creatures i just pictured to be so cute. so do you know any other authors that write about things like this? ive also read watchers,winter moon,the darkest evening of the year and phantoms. so i really like the creature ones. is there any chance you know another author that writes like those?

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