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message 1: by Theresa ♫ (new)

Theresa ♫ Gah, I couldn't even finish this book. How was the ending?

Judith (Judith'sChoiceReads) Oh no way, I couldn't even make it to 100 pages and the ending really did not interest me, but apparently SPOILER!!!!!

She chooses the other guy, not Devin since he messed up somehow. Meh, I really could not be bothered, this whole story is every unoriginal.

message 3: by Theresa ♫ (new)

Theresa ♫ The parts that I did read made me want to pull off all my hair...urrgh. But this was a good review. :)

Judith (Judith'sChoiceReads) Haha thanks, hun! :D

message 5: by Almas (new)

Almas If you guys read the second book, A Fractured Light, i'm certain you guys will regret what you said. This series is the best one I've read so far. Just read the second book and all your confusion will be gone.

message 6: by Sophia (new)

Sophia I believe you should have read all the way through and you would have found that there were more plot twists than you thought. But I would agree with some of your review for the book and saying it didn't have a lot of originality. Next time give the books chance.

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