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message 1: by Sonya (last edited Aug 23, 2016 08:20AM) (new)

Sonya With banter like Faro's Daughter? I can't wait to get to this then. ;)

message 2: by Mela (new)

Mela Yes. But it isn't so good like in Faro's Daughter. Miss Grantham and Mr Ravenscar are the best. Sarah and Tristram tried only to be like them ;-)
I have checked the first publications of these books. As I thought, Faro'S Daughter was first published five years after The Talisman Ring. So, I would say Heyer improved this kind of banter and made it perfect in Faro's Dauther ;-)

message 3: by Sonya (new)

Sonya Ah I see. Anyway, I am looking forward to getting to Sarah and Tristram's story . :D

message 4: by Mela (new)

Mela Yes, you should read The Talisman Ring. You will have fun.
In many Heyer's books it is so, that one is better version of the other. But I don't mind ;-)

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