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message 1: by Girish (new)

Girish Great review.. after reading yours realised the similar takeaways!
Honestly remembered Kadhala Kadhala 'Lingam' scene :)

message 2: by Vimal (new)

Vimal Thiagarajan Thanks Girish.. Lol, True that.. Bakthargalin Nenja thadagathil pootha kumudham.. Aanandha Vikadanandhaa :) The inimitable Crazy!

message 3: by Samra (new)

Samra Yusuf a fine encompassing write up,Vimal..

message 4: by Vimal (new)

Vimal Thiagarajan Thank You Samra :) I still vividly remember the day I listened to the audio of this play, getting frequently doubled over with laughter.. Who'd remember ironing 6 shirts and 5 pants if not for Wilde :P

message 5: by Samra (new)

Samra Yusuf hahhah thats seriously crazy a thing,I read it a while ago,in some library..was too freaking excited to know the ending,finished in one sitting! :)

message 6: by Vimal (new)

Vimal Thiagarajan Cool.. This one was hard to put down, yes..

message 7: by Richard (new)

Richard Subber Great review, Vimal, and I'm with you: Wilde knew how to find quite a few of the right words.

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