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message 1: by Jonfaith (new)

Jonfaith Yes -- Horrorday. I'm glad you were moved by London Fields. It refuses to be ignored or belittled.

message 2: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey Keeten I have this on my short list. Awesome to see five stars from you.

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Wish I had come up with that sentence to start my thoughts on London Fields. "Consider me dazzled" would have been equally accurate, and less vindictive than "Ha! I did it!"

With hindsight I have to admit that London Fields stayed with me, despite the rage I felt at times while reading it.

I actually liked Nicola! She at least helped the plot move forwards while the others were just moping around and playing darts. My favourite character was Marmaduke, though.
Great review!

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