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message 1: by Arshia (new)

Arshia What I hated about Thomas was that he was extremely selfish. There are so many times when he keeps thinking to himself that this is nothing but a flirtation, even after he sleeps with Josie his immediate thought is hmm that was nice but we can never get married. This guy didn't care at all for what would happen to her. Did his idiotic brain ever go to the consequences?! Everything was about him, until the very end he acted in a completely selfish manner.

message 2: by Amanda (new)

Amanda What's with people posting their opposing views under your review? It is almost like wanting to pick a fight.

message 3: by Arshia (new)

Arshia Well everyone reads in a different tone, I think whatever people have going on in their lives affects their reaction to the stories and the reviews.

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