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message 1: by ·Karen· (new)

·Karen· I'd say that directionless is a function of the lack of narrative arch, which is what makes this one a little different. I think there have to be compensations if a writer dispenses with that narrative structure, and personally, I found compensations aplenty. But it could have been a timing thing, you know, sometimes you want to sink into a good story, and sometimes you get fed up of all that story telling and want something, well, different!

message 2: by Hugh (new)

Hugh Karen, Thanks.

Yes, maybe I have given McCarthy too little credit here - I am certainly not saying that I disliked the book or found it hard to read, just that I found it difficult to discern what the point of it was, beyond banal platitudes about the corporate world.

I may also have been too prejudiced by what I had been told about McCarthy's radical approach to the novel - this one was not as unconventional as I had been led to expect...

message 3: by ·Karen· (new)

·Karen· Ah yes. Expectations. That's another killer of enjoyment sometimes.

Jenny (Reading Envy) Same. I loved C but haven't had the same experience with other books by him.

message 5: by Hugh (new)

Hugh Thanks Jenny. I think some of the platitudes are deliberate, and there to show the essential futility of the whole - I did like some of what he said about oil-spills. I was wondering whether the numbered paragraphs had any purpose other than making the whole look like a business document.

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