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message 1: by Elyse (new)

Elyse  Walters This is one of my favorite non fiction books!!! I read it when it first came out! Isn't it amazing?

message 2: by Brina (new)

Brina Yes!! It reads like a story and is so telling and captivating.

message 3: by Candi (new)

Candi Excellent review, Brina! I thought this book was extremely well written. I too am hoping that Wilkerson writes something else - I would definitely grab a copy of whatever she publishes next :)

message 4: by Brina (new)

Brina I think she still writes for the New York Times and/or is a professor at Yale. But I would hope after nearly 7 years that the time has come for another book.

message 5: by Marilyn (new)

Marilyn So glad you enjoyed it. Hope you are taking sometime to savour all its goodness. Also a very fav. non fiction of mine. Anybody out there, never read non fiction? This is a perfect book to start with. Add it to your list today.

message 6: by Udeni (new)

Udeni I'm so glad you liked this book. I loved reading it and can't wait for Wilkerson's next book!

message 7: by Brina (new)

Brina Thank you Marilyn and Udeni. It was a wonderful book and still resonates. I will remember the people Wilkerson interviewed for a long time.

message 8: by Blue (new)

Blue It's a wonderful book. One you can't put down.

message 9: by Brina (new)

Brina Hattie I thought the same thing. It read like fiction and it was hard to put down.

message 10: by Brina (new)

Brina Thank you so much, Stephanie :-)

message 11: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Wonderful review, Brina! I'm definitely adding this to my read list.

Norma * Traveling Sister and proud Grandma!!! What a wonderful review, Brina! This sounds extremely good and think I am going to have to add!!!

message 13: by Diana (new)

Diana I loved, and learned from, this book so much! A must-read, especially for Americans and anyone fascinated by American history.

message 14: by Brina (new)

Brina Thank you all. This is an amazing book and timely for this month as well.

message 15: by Cynda (new)

Cynda I lived in Jackson Mississippi in the early 1980s. Painful to see the social divide. By 1994 I Newsweek reported that some people of the Great Migration returned to the American South as things were better and as home was missed. By the time I was there in the early 80s, it was no longer horrible, just bad. Mayhew worse. Huffington post says that in 2012 1 lynching happened every 36 hours. God Help Us.

message 16: by Cary (new)

Cary I LOVED this book too. It's a wonderful mix of dedicated scholarship and deeply personal stories. I recommend it to nearly everyone I meet--assuming they can read English well enough. I live in Brazil and teach English (so they can read great books like this, obviously!) and many people are curious about race and racism in the US, particularly in the wake of Trump, and how it is somewhat the same but in many ways quite different from here in Brazil. Wilkerson has enable me to explain this far better than I could have before.

message 17: by Ellie (new)

Ellie Great review, Brina. I own this book but have never gotten around to reading it. Your thoughtful review pushed it toward the top of my TBR list.

Thank you.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Wonderful review, Brina. You really brought the book to life. This is one of my all-time favorite books. It really opened my eyes regarding the things Jim Crow really entailed and how this affected the African American communities. Powerful reading.

message 19: by Cathy (new)

Cathy Nice review. Another one on my list to read.

message 20: by Deyanne (new)

Deyanne Excellent review. This is on my list to read this year as well.

message 21: by Brina (new)

Brina Cynda, Cary, Ellie, Terri, Cathy, Deyanne. How nice to log back in and see these nice comments. This was definitely my first powerful read of the year and I recommend it to everyone.

message 22: by Carol (new)

Carol Outstanding review. My husband has read this. I may get to it one day.

message 23: by Brina (new)

Brina Carol you should try to get this book. It is lengthy but reads almost like fiction and was fast reading.

message 24: by Urenna (new)

Urenna Sander Great review. It's on my reading list to read.

message 25: by Brina (new)

Brina Urenna, I can't wait to hear what you think of this lovely book.

message 26: by Urenna (new)

Urenna Sander Brina, I'm ashamed to say it's been on my list for some time.

message 27: by Brina (new)

Brina It was on mine for almost a year. This year I am attempting to tackle my tbr list. The only books I may add are game changers-- classics, pulitzers, etc. otherwise I would like to get that list down. Good luck finally reading this!

message 28: by Urenna (new)

Urenna Sander Thank you!

message 29: by Naomi (new)

Naomi Krokowski Absolutely agree with every word, especially about looking forward to Wilkerson's future work.

message 30: by Brina (new)

Brina Thank you so much, Naomi. This was a special book and I hope Wilkerson's future work measures up to this book.

message 31: by Alex (new)

Alex Rosen Well done

message 32: by HBalikov (new)

HBalikov An excellent, comprehensive review

message 33: by Brina (new)

Brina Thank you, H. It was a well written book and I would read more by this author.

message 34: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Rahlf This book is truly a masterpiece and should be a must read in every high school. Having grown up in the north in the 50s and 60s, I watched desegregation from the sidelines on television. This book tells the horrific story of the post-civil war and Jim Crow south. It puts racism in perspective and helps us “whites” understand the effects of generations of oppresion and white privilege.

message 35: by Lynne (new)

Lynne King An excellent review Brina. I've ordered the book.

message 36: by Brina (new)

Brina Thank you, Lynne. I'm surprised this didn't win the Pulitzer for history. It was well done.

message 37: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Great review Brina. I have nothing to add, except that i was very surprised the the Great Migration period lasted until 1970! I wonder what the statistics are from when i was born in 1947 through 1970. Have to ask Siri, Alex or Google!💖

message 38: by Kim (new)

Kim Martin I whole-heartedly commend this review and its high regard for this book. One thing I did learn from this, though, was that, while these brave people found a measure of opportunity and freedom in their migration, they only survived, and thrived, because of the way they bravely faced the continued obstacles they faced in their adopted homes. Each of them had to withstand ongoing discrimination, segregation, and prejudice. While Jim Crow was particularly and exceptionally horrid, our nation as a whole has not escaped the unrepented continuation of the effects of centuries of enslavement. This story does not turn a blind eye to what those courageous migrants faced in the north.

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