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message 1: by Claudia (new)

Claudia I have it and I'm trying to get to it for ages, don't know what's keeping me, everyone's praising it. Hopefully I'll get to it soon :)

message 2: by Aerin (new)

Aerin It’s a really lovely, strange book. I hope you enjoy it! I’m due for a reread one of these months, if only to attempt to review it in a way that does it justice...

message 3: by Claudia (new)

Claudia Hopefully I'll get to it by then too

message 4: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl So far the only 'anthropological science fiction' that I know that I enjoy is that by Chad Oliver, for example A Star Above It and Other Stories iirc. I should reread these, as it's been more than a decade.

Do you count books like Children of Time or Semiosis or A Darkling Sea or The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet? I loved (or at least enjoyed) all those.

But something prevents me from appreciating Le Guin... don't know what but it seems insurmountable.... except for The Word for World is Forest which is great.

I could use some more recommendations... I'll check Listopia...

message 5: by Aerin (new)

Aerin Thanks for adding me Cheryl, it's good to meet you!

I haven't read the books you mentioned, though Semiosis is next on my to-read list. I do love Le Guin, though, especially The Left Hand of Darkness and her other Hainish novels.

I guess I don't really mean anthropological in the sense of people going out specifically to study alien cultures through that lens (though I often love those types of books, too), but science fiction that explores culture and the "soft sciences" in general - how might alien societies/psychologies differ from ours, and why, and what can that teach us about humanity, etc.

Some of my favorites in this vein, aside from Grass and Le Guin's books, are Russell's The Sparrow, Card's Speaker for the Dead, several by Nancy Kress, Mieville's Embassytown, and Lem's Solaris.

message 6: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl Thanks!

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