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message 1: by Shadowdenizen (new)

Shadowdenizen Totally agree. And I'm totally an Oy. :)

message 2: by Selena (new)

Selena I loved this one too and thought it was the best in the series. I still need to read The Wind Through The Keyhole. Such a great series!

message 3: by Heather (new)

Heather - hturningpages Oys unite! ;)

message 4: by T.A. (new)

T.A. Uner Great review Mark. I too am an Oy. Both in regards to this series and in my personal life as well.

message 5: by Croatoan (new)

Croatoan I remember the first time I read this. You spend the entire book conflicted and torn. You want it to end a certain way, but because it is a flashback, you know the path it will take (not the details, but the general form). I completely agree with your review, including the comments of the books that follow it. I think this may be in part due to King's apparent "rush" to finish them, as he seemed unsure how long he would keep writing. I wonder if in hindsight he wishes he had taken it a bit slower? This review also reminds me that I need to get around to reading the Wind Through the Keyhole.

message 6: by Junior (new)

Junior Definitely my favorite out of the whole series.

message 7: by Brian (new)

Brian I think whether one is a Roland or Oy can change depending on the circumstances. When I read this college and there was little forward progression after years of waiting, I was very disappointed. When I reread it in anticipation of books 5 to 7 coming out in rapid succession, I was mesmerized by it.

message 8: by Pedro Henrique (new)

Pedro Henrique Best book in the series and the story only went downhill after this one.

message 9: by Shane (new)

Shane Kiely One of the few books I've read twice, it was the one that got me into the Dark Tower series

message 10: by Tiffany Anne (new)

Tiffany Anne I used to think this was my least favourite in the series. I read it when I was 10 & just found it boring. I re-read it again when I was 16 & loved it. Its definitely the peak of the series

message 11: by Mike (new)

Mike Voss I haven't read The Dark Tower series yet, but the dissent over spending time on "old material" from a new perspective reminds me of the criticism given to John Scalzi's novel Zoe's Tale, which tells the story of the third book in his Old Man's War series from the pov of the protagonist's young daughter. In my mind it was a totally new book that took you places the previous one didn't. Critics complained they never would have bought it if they'd known it covered the "same material" as the third volume. Go figure, is all I can say.

message 12: by Jessica (new)

Jessica I loved the dark tower series. Wizard and glass was the book I loved best because even though you know there must be impending doom you can't help be swept up in the story and wish for Roland to find happiness. Seeing what he's lost and willing to give up hi lights just how driven he is to get to the tower....yeah I'm an oy what an awesome journey

message 13: by Mandy (new)

Mandy Andersonn Definitely an Oy, here. I'm currently rereading the entire series, and this is the book I've looked forward to the most.

message 14: by David (new)

David Thankee-sai.

message 15: by Will (new)

Will Thompson 500 pages in and I'm loving it, taken a while to get this far as been distracted by the Paralympics.

message 16: by K. (new)

K. Lewis Fines of the series camp, myself. The flashback story is among the best evil witch stories I've read, and richer than most of the "main quest" part of this tale.

message 17: by Mark (new)

Mark Lawrence K. wrote: "Fines of the series camp, myself. The flashback story is among the best evil witch stories I've read, and richer than most of the "main quest" part of this tale."

one of us, one of us!


message 18: by Rick (new)

Rick Just finished this book and definitely consider myself and Oy but can see the Roland's point of view. Also I'm not a big fan of Wizard of Oz but I do love The Stand, so those themes were a strange segway for me.

message 19: by Stefan (new)

Stefan Garcia I think I'm a Roland, Mark. But, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the flashback shouldn't have been included within this book, I just think King should've condensed it.

message 20: by Fredrik (new)

Fredrik Pettersen I'm an Oy. This is my second favorite of the Dark Tower-series (my favorite being the Wasteland).

message 21: by Zachary (new)

Zachary I'm reading this book right now :O

message 22: by The Grim Reader (new)

The Grim Reader I loved this one. Song of Susannah was the only book in the series that kind of washed over me a little.

message 23: by Feli (new)

Feli I am just reading this book (only 30 sites remaining) and I really liked this 4th volume. I started getting worried I am the only one, because everyone I asked found it either to be boring or actually 'hated' it. I absolutely agree with your review and I think that this flashback, which really is a great story of its own, shows us why Roland is so possessed of finding the Tower. We had to read it to understand.. I can't understand people skipping this book, because 'it doesn't bring the story forward'.
Great to read your review and thoughts about it!

message 24: by Steve (new)

Steve Initially I found the book to be a bit cumbersome, but understanding that it was part of Roland's character development I persevered. Oy! Am I ever glad I did. I now consider this to be second only to the first book of the series. I'm an Oy, and you can't fully begin to comprehend Roland's trials and tribulations without studying some of his history.

message 25: by Luke (new)

Luke Waldron i really hate love storys

message 26: by Deborah (new)

Deborah Oy here

message 27: by Pratik (new)

Pratik Gon Its the best book in the series..

message 28: by Doug (new)

Doug This book really makes me want more Cuthbert.

message 29: by Tamás (new)

Tamás Fábián Oy!

message 30: by fantasy fiction (new)

fantasy fiction is everything I think the plot of dark tower 4 is greatest in dark tower series So i am Oys as Mark Lawrence -0-

message 31: by Josh (new)

Josh Lightsong Downie Just started the dark tower series for the first time. Starting these after just finishing all the books from the demon cycle series by Peter v Brett which were awesome

message 32: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Houston Enjoyed this one far more than Wolves. Struggling to see how I’ll finish the series. I’ll need to read lots of good books to keep a high level of motivation and then bite the bullets necessary...

message 33: by Brad (new)

Brad Kirk My personal favorite in the series. The problem with this series (for me) is that books 1-4 were written over a long period of time during different phases of King's career whereas books 5-7 were written at the same time over a short span. So those last few books have the same feel and from a period some might argue King was not at his finest. So there are things in these books, ideas that King got hooked on, that had he maintained the space between books may have only appeared for, say, WotC, but instead remained prominent through three books and by book 7, began to wear a bit thin.

Having said that, The Dark Tower remains one of my all-time favorite series ever and I actually really like book 7. The ending is the only possible ending the series could've had without destroying the entire series.

message 34: by Brad (new)

Brad Kirk @Nathan, definitely take the time to finish the series! In book 6, things start to really move and, despite certain disappointing aspects, book 7 is overall a great finish to a wonderful series.

message 35: by Paddy (new)

Paddy I stand in absolute agreement with you Mark in regards that its about the journey, not the destination. I’m proud to say that i’m definitely an Oy in this regard - this was my favourite book of the series for sure.

For me, each book seemed to read as tonally different, and that was never an issue for me but more of a fascination - until I arrived at “Wolves of the Calla”, which was just a sheer slog of a book to get through (needless to say, that one is my least favourite of the series). But onwards I trudged because love it or hate it, it’s part of the journey regardless.

Wizard and Glass towers (if you pardon the pun) above all else in the series for me. King at his best.

I can highly recommend the graphic novels to fans of the series - if you can track down and afford the two hefty collectors edition hardback compendiums, I promise you’ll not be disappointed.

Long days, pleasant nights.

message 36: by Matilde (new)

Matilde I'm a Roland although I didn't know I was one until I read this review!! Very well explained :)

message 37: by Judyann (new)

Judyann Melton I don't dislike the story because it didn't bring us any closer to the tower. I disliked the story because the way the story was told was boring, dragged on, and was uninteresting. I'll be honest, I don't give a damn about 15 year old Roland. I don't give a damn about Susan Delgado either. If the story had been told differently maybe I would feel differently, but I just gotta be honest about how I feel. It was boring and I could give a rip less about what happened.

Not because of the lack of movement towards the tower.... because seriously could Susan have been MORE perfect and more of a Mary Sue? All that cheesy dialog (If you love me, then love me.... Puke) and asking me to believe that they were IN LOVE, as in the love of your life, etc... Um, they were 15 and 16, and I'm sure it had more to do with lust than love.

I like love stories, but I like my love stories to be believable. This one wasn't. Just my opinion.

message 38: by Carrie (new)

Carrie Haley I’m an Oy. 😊

message 39: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie I’m reading this one right now. I love this series so far!

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