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message 1: by Stefano (new)

Stefano FaNo Awesome review man. I had heard of these rules and some I already implement, but it's been a while since I do really deep work, so great timing and great reminder.

How about putting all these reviews in your own blog? Then you can have an aff link to the book :)

message 2: by Chris (new)

Chris Porter Thanks. Glad it helped. I doubt I'd make site our if the reviews, but maybe I'll make a site because I'd like to improve my writing.

message 3: by P.Marie (new)

P.Marie Boydston Chris. Good job on reducing phone time to 12.5% of your original time though I would be interested to know if that is spent all at one time or broken up into smaller chunks? I tend to believe reading longer more substantive articles rather than snippets engages deeper thinking. All the new technology can offer richness to our learning experiences if we allow ourselves to let it soak in and think about it before moving on.

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