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message 1: by Amena (new)

Amena Interesting challenge! Love the look of the list!

message 2: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Owens I read this a million years ago for A-level and it has always stuck with me.

It is definitely a literary read, but unlike some classics which are unreadable (Crime and Punishment) there is a lot to enjoy. ie: The duality of Winston and O'Brien; Winston's desperate need to love the unloveable Julia, or anyone really, and a happy ending with some friendly rodents.

Note how I didn't include any spoilers despite the book being older than the bible.

message 3: by Karthik (new)

Karthik M The book inside this book still kills it for me......unbelievably relevant for today's political climes!!!

message 4: by Christy (new)

Christy Pynchon wrote an introduction for this?? Wow! I wasn't planning a reread but would like to read just that part.

message 5: by Hawaa (new)

Hawaa Great review. It does apply to many parts of today's world, where over recent decades people whom have never heard of George Orwell nor Nineteen Eighty-Four but you hear many different people from various backgrounds claiming the poverty and level of lack of education, etc. is done to keep people running after trying to feed their families with no time or how to think or bring real change through political/government change.

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