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message 1: by George (new)

George The book includes a number of sociological / philosophical dialogues that make it a tough, though interesting historical fiction read. The writing style is not as easy to read as Tolstoy, Gogol, Dostoevsky or Sholokhov. Yuri's character I felt was not developed as fully as I thought it could have been.

message 2: by Olivia (new)

Olivia @George just trying to word a review at the moment. It feels like Pasternak wanted to comment on social issues, communism and philosophy and used Yuri’s life to elaborate his points. However, we basically get fast forwarded through his life and just watch things happen to him and then skip forward again and I just didn’t connect with the story aspect of it and ultimately all characters were not developed. I may re-read this in 20 years with the knowledge it’s more about history, society and philosophy than about characters and plot and maybe I’ll like it better then.

message 3: by George (new)

George Yes, I agree with you. I am surprised you read it so quickly. I struggled over the first 100 pages. I think it is more a novel about Russian politics than about the characters in the novel. Maybe that's the point, that is, individuals in Russia during those turbulent times were not as important as the idea of making communism work. It certainly was the case with Lara's husband.

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