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message 1: by Kiki (new)

Kiki Glad to see you love this book too!

Nikki "The Crazie Betty" V. YAY! I'm so happy to find that you liked this one. I've heard so many good things about it.

message 3: by Rubi (new)

Rubi Great review! So glad you loved it.

message 4: by Max (new)

Max For the Alliance!
I have been told numerous times to read this, I'll have to move it higher up the pile :)

Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!!!!

I played Alliance because my friends made me. Undead priest had superior racials. Stupid pretty night elves.

message 6: by [deleted user] (last edited Dec 09, 2015 02:24PM) (new)

Awesome review Khan! I've wanted to read an Earnest Cline book for so long, but as us bookworms say, so many books so little time. :(

message 7: by Vicky Marie (new)

Vicky Marie I admit, I'm one of the people who was irritated by the references. That was because they were too long and kind of threw me out of the story. i thought I was reading a textbook on the 80s. Still, my geeky heart enjoyed it.

message 8: by Max (new)

Max I will always be a Space Cow. (Look at my Hoof!). But had to roll a healer because my guild was always missing those. (Tree!)

Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies I could ride you!

That came out wrong.

Nikki "The Crazie Betty" V. FOR THE HORDE indeed Khanh :) Undead priests and warlocks are so much better than the glittery alliance who only serve to remind me of glampires.

message 11: by Max (new)

Max Ha!

message 12: by Julio (new)

Julio Genao bang-on review! so much fun.

message 13: by Rose (new)

Rose Yesssssssssss! I'm glad you enjoyed it, Khanh.

Gunjan (NerdyBirdie) Need to read this one!

message 15: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca So glad you liked this one, Khanh! :)

message 16: by Bee (new)

Bee Have you seen The Guild?
And you make me want to dust off my blood elf pally :p

message 17: by Didi (new)

Didi S. T. Okay, you totally convinced me. I'm getting the book! :)

Strona po stronie It was very entertaining :)

Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Nurphs wrote: "Have you seen The Guild?
And you make me want to dust off my blood elf pally :p"

I have!


Sorry. I'm still bitter.

message 20: by Irraya (new)

Irraya I listened to the audiobook. Will Wheaton is simply amazing.

Do yourself a favour and avoid Armada.

message 21: by Reyna (new)

Reyna Hurand Great review! So glad you liked it!

message 22: by Shelly (new)

Shelly Epic review! As an 80's girl and WoW player (blood elf ret pally), I loved this book. For the Horde!

message 23: by MLE (new)

MLE  Not a WoW player, but a player of more than a few MMORPG's, and nerdy product of the 80's

Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Yayyyyyy! You liked it! :D

message 25: by Dale (new)

Dale Pearl I need to read this one thanks for the review

message 26: by Neil (or bleed) (new)

Neil (or bleed) Time to read this book, I guess. Great review, Khanh. :)

message 27: by Kels (new)

Kels I've had this on my TBR list for forever! Time to bump it on up! Great review as always Khanh!

bileys little stupid kindle haha, this book is amazing! have you read Armada yet?

message 29: by Areej (new)

Areej great review! it sounds like the perfect book for me :D

message 30: by Amy (new)

Amy Ready Player One is one of my favorite recent books. His follow-up, Armada, was decent, as well (Cline's writing style is very similar in that one and there are a bunch of fun references in it, too). I believe I gave Ready Player one 5 stars, and Armada 4.

message 31: by Viola (new)

Viola I had to read it a couple of years ago for one of my introductory courses in college - I was definitely presently surprised!

message 32: by Sam (new)

Sam Hmm, I might have to move this up in my reading list...

message 33: by Adalis (new)

Adalis This was a Nerdist book club selection and I gotta say, this book was a hot mess. It was basically a Gary Stu and just bored the hell out of me. There were very few good parts and I truly found myself struggling to get through the thing.

message 34: by Justin (new)

Justin Yee I totally agree with you. I didn’t even understand some of the 80’s references but the ones that I did understand were neat little additions. Those little details make the story more engaging and keeps the reader interested. Personally, I think that some people are too critical about the 80s references and how they’re unnecessary, but I don’t think they actually degrade the story in any way. Also, Ernest Cline has a great sense of humor and he definitely displayed that with this book. One of the most captivating parts of this book was the beginning. I was utterly amazed at the creativity it must have took to create something as vivid as the OASIS. I was fascinated and immediately drawn in by the explanation of the OASIS. Ernest Cline thought about every detail and made sure to explicitly describe the intricate world Ready Player One. It was absolutely fascinating and I was thrilled to read the rest of the book because of this. Ready Player One had an enjoyable storyline but did seem to drag on at parts. This is mainly because of the length of the book but I felt that some parts didn’t need to be as extensive and detailed. In addition, the characters in the story were reasonable but could have been developed a bit more. They were somewhat one-dimensional and static.

message 35: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Martinez great story can't wait for the movie adaptation, wich I don't expect much, only curious to see what Steven Spielberg makes of the thing. it was a great and easy read and made me think of our future as humans more than any advertisement or political views out there about global warming and the self endulgement of the human race. I would gladly re-read it again in the future.

message 36: by carinne (new)

carinne Omg! That is my next book shelf Geek Fantasy Nerd Utopia! Thanks very much for that.

message 37: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Grace Haha, I had to laugh at the "formally addicted WoW player" since I am also a formally addicted WoW player. /me hangs head in shame

message 38: by Everyday (new)

Everyday I'm hooked on this book and can't wait for the movie to come out! Have you seen the trailer? It's going to be amazing!

message 39: by Dylan (new)

Dylan Wolfe I would recommend this book to any gamer nerd who loves virtual reality as well as role playing or 80s games. It includes mystery thrill and as well as drama

message 40: by Kendall (new)

Kendall Concini admittedly, just finiahing the novel im still reeling on the excitement of the story as a whole I never stepped outside of the plot to think about the author. I love how youve put him into perspective.

message 41: by Shirley (new)

Shirley I love your review because this is EXACTLY how I feel about the book! Really love the book to bits! Still feeling high moments after finishing the last sentence, and I can't resist commenting when I saw your review here ( Also speaking as a former addicted WoW player and of several other mmorpgs :p).

message 42: by Windsprite (new)

Windsprite Out of place, but I found you because I just started reading Ready Player One (new movie coming out and me having an OCD of book-before-movie)

I love Game of Thrones (since recently) and I really like your nickname, so I hope you'll accept my friend request :-)

message 43: by Calum (new)

Calum This is gonna be the first book I read when I my kindle arrives. Can't wait!

message 44: by sam (new)

sam i think so too, it brought out the nerd in me

message 45: by Callum (new)

Callum its NOT A nerd fantasy i really enjoyed it!

message 46: by Brooke (new)

Brooke Yang Also a formally addicted WoW player and general nerd. Makes me want to get back into the game again. 🤪 Loved this book!

message 47: by [deleted user] (new)

great book

message 48: by Plato (new)

Plato Newman Your review is epic!

message 49: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Flemming Fantastic review! It was all the little references and "mini-easter eggs" in the book for us gamers that made me love this book the most, I think. I've been playing World of Warcraft solidly for around 12 or 13 years now and I've had friends in the game for almost that same length of time but I've never met them. I related SO much to this book! I'm all about the sci-fi too and the fact that Wade flies around in a Firefly class ship made me far too excited! Love this book.


message 50: by I read 24 7 (new)

I read 24 7 i find this book amazing. 2044 cool

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