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message 1: by Neetriht (new)

Neetriht I agree. Even though I partly identify with Rachel [traumatic event at age 13 profoundly affected me and how my personality was shaped, in myriad complex ways), it was Brick I really wanted to know more about. He doesn't sound like he fits prototypical stereotypes, so how has he thought about racial identity in general and his own as he grows up? I would love to hear a better conversation between him and Rachel about that. And does Laronne ever reach a better understanding of Doug? She sounds like her mind is closed to hearing his experience of that day. Does it open eventually? He sounds traumatized, does he get help at all, or find any peace eventually?


message 2: by Susann (new)

Susann Williams I felt the exact same way after I finished the book. I loved the story-it felt real, the characters-they also felt like real people that I had gotten to know, and then they were gone! I have some of the same questions you did plus a few more. Like why was she so sick at the end? Surely she wasn't pregnant. And what about Jesse? There were so many dynamics with this rich White boy who talks like a Black boy, likes a biracial girl, and works in a rehab facility but is using himself...

message 3: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Dimiceli I felt the same way about the ending. It seemed so incomplete, like it just dropped off unexpectedly.

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