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Snotchocheez I am dying to read this!!!!! Roughly two years ago when I reviewed Going Clear, I thought it was good, but somewhat of a missed opportunity getting a first-person account of a Hollywood insider's account of life in the grips of Scientology (Paul Haggis' section, explaining his defection from the church, was weak). I then flippantly mentioned that we'd have to wait for Leah Rimini's tell-all...


Cathrine ☯️ Nice to see you back R!

message 3: by Snotchocheez (new)

Snotchocheez Hi Cathrine! Thank you! Man I really missed Goodreads!

message 4: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Snotchocheez wrote: "...Man I really missed Goodreads!"

And GR missed you too :)

"...eyes glazed in Thetan purposefulness"

Love your review, thanks for the chuckles

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Snotchocheez Thank you, Sandra! I enjoyed your review as well!

message 6: by Kelli (new)

Kelli I just listened to Beyond Belief by Miscavidge's niece Jenna. Holy mackerel!

message 7: by Snotchocheez (new)

Snotchocheez It's like everyone's coming out of the woodwork these days once they realize (thanks to the success of these tell-alls) that the world (read: Scientology's legal team) is not going to come crashing down on them. Just heard last week of David Miscavige's father coming out with his own tell-all. Geez.

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