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message 1: by Raj246 (new)

Raj246 I couldn't agree more, I can't beleive I am commenting on such a horrible series.

message 2: by Katie (new)

Katie Yes! You said exactly what I felt about this book. I was so offended by the plotline with the back pain that it ruined whatever pleasure there may have been in this book for me (although I don't think there was much, and certainly none in Eragon's part of the story). I have been feeling like this was glorified Mary-Sue fan fiction since the first book. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to make that observation!

message 3: by Swankivy (new)

Swankivy Luke, I am your brother!

message 4: by Nick (new)

Nick Bentley I disagree with your review, however, I understand why you think this. The Inheritance Series as a whole need a specific type of reader. Someone who appreciates the plot and can't figure out the plot endings as easily as another. I enjoy these books because they provide a fantastical world that could never be true. They allow my imagination to do the work in developing the story. These books just "connect" with me. You either really love 'em or you really hate 'em.

message 5: by Chitwan (new)

Chitwan Deol Haters!!!

message 6: by Ellie (new)

Ellie If you don't like the book, don't post on it. Simple as that. Your causing problems that your only going to hear about for the next year or so. Get a life much?

message 7: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Then don't even bother commenting.

message 8: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Shouldn't every one be entitled to their opinion? Regardless if it offends you, it's just an opinion.People should relax more, have more sex, smoke some weed..chill the eff out.

message 9: by Shelby (new)

Shelby By the way in my OPINION the book sucks. I couldn't even get past the 1st chapter.

message 10: by Easton (new)

Easton i loved this book

message 11: by Amelia (new)

Amelia I mean, i thought the book was okay. Eragon bothered me...

message 12: by Amelia (new)

Amelia Usually, i don't like commenting on goodreads, but the ignorance in the comments are kinda annoying me. Like the one that said don't bother commenting if you don't like the book. What kind of bs is that? So is everyone supposed to be like "omg that book was AMAAAZING". What if there was a really crappy book and there were no negative reviews? Then ppl would read it because everyone who liked it (whoever that might be) said it was a good book. Now I don't know if I got my point across, but what I'm saying is never, ever tell someone to keep their opinion to themselves. There is never going to be a book that everyone likes (if there is, feel free to tell me). Also, if someone who writes a negative review has to deal with book fans who can't take criticism to their favorites books, then it's his/her choice to post it.

message 13: by Aaven (new)

Aaven I completely agree with Amelia, first of all. People need to knock it off with the "don't like the book? Don't comment on it!" crap. Not to mention that it's amusingly hypocritical. Don't like Alena's review? Why are you wasting time commenting on it then?

This review is spot-on, in my opinion. Eragon was enough of a Mary-Sue to begin with, and when he turned into a perfect godlike elf creature and all his ailments magically vanished, I wanted to hurl the book across the room. Murtagh wasn't too tricky to figure out either - I think we all knew he would turn up sooner or later after his body never turned up during that first battle. I didn't really expect him to have a dragon I guess, so score one for CP.

Too much flowery language and wordiness in general for me. I skipped huge chunks of many chapters and really didn't miss much.

message 14: by Judah (new)

Judah I liked the series, but as brain junk-food rather than good literature. Anyone with any sense knows that inheritance as a series is a mess of Mary Sufism, bad plotting, bad writing, and emotional blabbering disguised as depth. It surprises me so many seem to think it a perfect work. Check the Oz books are better, and they couldn't get their continuity straight for 60 years.

message 15: by Krystal (new)

Krystal Gibson I like the plot and such, but the fact that Eragon is so "perfect" really bugs me. He doesn't have enough flaws to make him a great character! When he suddenly transformed into the elven wonderfulness, and then solved the puzzle rings, I was irritated with him.

message 16: by Jayson (new)

Jayson Deare This was literally the worst book I have ever read not to mention the rampant plagiarism and scenes that are stolen from other better works. Namely the training sequence taken straight out of Eddings's Magician's Gambit.... All I can say is just no I finished the book and will not read the others

message 17: by Debbie (new)

Debbie Why don't you just NOT post if you don't like it?

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