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message 1: by Yazeed (new)

Yazeed LOL :D but 100% agreed. What a waste of time.

message 2: by Khalid (new)

Khalid Ohali I totally concur with you Mohammed. I believe this book in particular is an example of "Let's change the lives of millions by writing ANYTHING we could sell." The irony is, the "Average Joe" will be stunningly impressed by it and its outdated and poorly written wisdom. And by the way, he could be right! millions of people could simply be out of the "Intelligent Readers" zone, so why wouldn't all they be wowed by his "I know it all" style and wisdom? ya know what im sayin?

message 3: by Mohammed (new)

Mohammed Al-Garawi Exactly! Common sense is not that common after all. :p

message 4: by Najla (new)

Najla This book is what you can call a totally overrated childish book.

message 5: by Ghada (new)

Ghada One word: "overrated"!

message 6: by Mohammed (new)

Mohammed Al-Garawi I'm loving this hate fest. :D

message 7: by Khalid (new)

Khalid Ohali You started it!

message 8: by Noor (new)

Noor Maybe the only reason you hate this book is that you already practice what he preaches.. ever thought about that? :) for many ppl who live inside their heads.. digging and analysing difficult situations ( like yours truely) .. this was an eye opener.. if plan A doesn't work.. then plan B it is. it changed me.

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