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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca OK, I was young (maybe beautiful or at least not bad) in the early 80's but definitely not smart (in a worldly way) nor rich. Maybe not the book for me?

message 2: by Lorileinart (new)

Lorileinart girl, you're still ALL THAT.
Did you read Less Than Zero (or any of his work)?
He's very dark, very sexual...often perverse. But he's honest, unlike most people in our generation, who have lost themselves and their connection to their former selves. I'm not saying that we were BETTER then, just more honest about what we wanted: money and sex. And very often, during those blissful days, Love was the equivalent of the two. For me, this book was reminiscent of how great if felt to be young and unapologetic for desiring those things in large doses. I understand that we can't go on like that forever (and Imperial Bedrooms is the tale of what happens if you choose to) and be good parents and citizens...I'm just tired of denying that many of us were like that in the 80's.
We were a hell of a lot more fun back then.
Ellis is a great writer, but I think most people would find this book disturbing.

message 3: by Kaitlyn (new)

Kaitlyn Love this review!

message 4: by Lorileinart (new)

Lorileinart thank you Kait!!
this book would provide one hell of a discussion, if only i knew enough people who could honestly relate.

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