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message 1: by As Ostras (new)

As Ostras Clube Very good comment.

message 2: by Noah (new)

Noah It doesn't seem fair to take this book to task for suggesting that the mind has the power to control the body--a fact well-known and accepted by scientists.

Olympic athletes employ visualization because it works. Studies have shown that the body can't tell the difference between actually doing the thing or visualizing it.

Western medicine has long known about this (misleadingly labeled the "placebo effect") and actually had to develop double-blind studies to overcome this power of belief! There are countless studies on the importance of positive feelings on health outcomes.

Byrne has something more to offer than a dry text laden with footnotes to all of the countless documentation she could cite to. She offers us instead a vision of what is possible. She gives us a glimpse of our own power. Let's not be afraid to use it.

message 3: by Anna (new)

Anna Kay Totally agree wt Noah. I hv tried the methods in THE SECRET and it works! for many years I ws depressed and now my life hs changed to joy! I simply affirm,believe and things just happened! Opportunities keep on coming and all I did was grab them and act on it.

message 4: by Turki (new)

Turki Al-Turki Totally agree with Amanda

message 5: by Jackie (new)

Jackie Totally agree with Noah. The Secret has helped me and it looks like quite a few other people on here. If Amanda doesn't like it she doesn't have to read it but it's not her place to judge others. What works some person A might not for person D. It is what it is.

message 6: by As Ostras (new)

As Ostras Clube Well, the strange thing is, people who say "it works", seem to miss Amanda's point.
So, it doesn't seem to work. That's the problem :P

message 7: by Jackie (new)

Jackie I am not even going to dignify the above comment with a response.

message 8: by Maggs (new)

Maggs An interesting view. I'm afraid I'm one of those suckers who has bought the (and Magic) based on the 'strength' of reviews on Are there any SHAM books you recommend?

message 9: by Zenah (new)

Zenah Omg thank you. My intelligence has never been as insulted as it has been while listening to the audio book. She is a ball of sickening emotions, and emotions never get us anywhere.

message 10: by L.L. (new)

L.L. You're right. You're right because life is how you see it. It's your view (fortunately not mine ;) ) and this is exactly what about this book is. You don't believe it? So you have your answer why "it isn't working". Why people are sick? Because they don't believe they can be healthy.

message 11: by Manal (new)

Manal i totally agree with u

message 12: by Sedaa (new)

Sedaa Can you suggest any other book of this type by another writer?

message 13: by Yasser (new)

Yasser Hossam People who are "lost" in their lives, who have been living with little insight about what makes them really happy do find some good parts in the secret. As for others who carved their own successes for instance, they probably won't find the secret interesting. I do not agree with the whole message, but we all have a mind to decide what's sane and what's not.

message 14: by Allan (new)

Allan Reed Amanda:
Did you read this book? How can you trash a book which basically says:
1. Love is the greatest power in the Universe
2. Urges us to give/show love to everyone 24/7 (Love your neighbor as yourself)
3. Teaches you to develop gratitude and to dwell on the things you love
4. Never to put money above love

This book changed my life. I was in a pool of despair and falling fast when I discovered "The Power." I listen to it on a regular basis to re-align my thinking and I have achieved happiness that would have otherwise eluded me. I have often been amazed by what happens in your life by simply showing love to others.
I was honestly never attracted to "The Secret" because I felt it put way to much emphasis on material things. "The Power", however, has helped me stay more positive and loving toward myself and others and that can't be a bad thing.

message 15: by Jackie (last edited May 03, 2013 04:47AM) (new)

Jackie Amen Allan! It did the same thing for me!

message 16: by Ady (new)

Ady Demissie whats wrong with positive thinking? people get sick from too much negativity. a positive action comes from positive thinking, so i belive this book is leading people in the right direction. it doesn't blame anyone for having a bad situation just tales you you can change it to better and the way to start is by choosing positivity. (one love)

message 17: by Mongol (new)

Mongol Ady, the book is not about positive thinking. Read the introduction - you are meant to have an amazing life, you can have all the money you need, everything you desire. Can you? Can we all? The book is about having everything you could possibly want, and positive thinking and love are the means of getting it.

If you think about it, if all of us were capable of having an amazing life and did so, there'd be no one left to serve us at those five- star resorts in Hawaii or pick up the garbage at the mall.

How does Byrne know you were meant to have an amazing life anyway?

The Secret has been out for what, about 7 years now. Given the millions who adhere to LOA, surely by now we'd have heard about numerous followers who've retired and are living the good life. Yet, the reality seems to be that followers are still waiting to buy the next book in their never-ending quest.

LOA doesn't work, and couldn't work anyway even if it did exist for the same reasons a pyramid scheme is not sustainable. Sure, there may always be those who don't follow it, but that isn't relevant to the point.

message 18: by Mongol (new)

Mongol Noah, I can visualize golfing like Tiger all I want, but won't be able to golf like him. Visualization helps you improve and exercise the abilities you have, but it's not the same thing as LOA. Totally different things.

message 19: by Nishka (new)

Nishka Amanda,
This book jumped into your hands for a reason. Read it!
Love is the answer! ...not bitternes, doubt and ranting...

message 20: by Dayo (new)

Dayo Silva Well i havnt read any of her book..i'll get one @ d local bookstore and comeback to review it.

message 21: by Candace (new)

Candace In a world filled with hatred, envy and depression, who wouldn't want to read a book about love and positivity? The book isn't just saying, 'sit on your butt and fill your mind with happy thoughts', it's saying that this mindset should supplement you while you're trying to achieve everything you want in life. I'm sure Ms. Byrnes doesn't want to give interviews because there are critics like you that just want to rip her apart as opposed to coming at this with an open mind. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I humbly disagree.

message 22: by Erial (new)

Erial I think the argument here is about belief. Yes people are sick, in poverty, struggling emotionally and financially. People are in these circumstances by choice, misunderstanding and misconception. We are where we are because of our thinking, lack of judgement, knowledge and habit. It makes the world round. We all have the power and knowledge to create for better or for worse. The choices you make are the ones that make you or brake you - that is why we are all different in our walks of life.
But who is to say this is real or not..? Who is to say this is right or wrong? That is the real debate.
Amanda mentioned, I quote "Visualisation is lovely, but these authors confuse positive thinking with positive action. You can think as much as you like. Nothing will happen unless you do something along with the thinking" is onto something here. We all must think, act and apply.

The book itself is one I believe in and I cannot fault Amanda's opinion as it is her own and clearly beliefs action, thought and willpower are the way to go. So... what is wrong with this perception?

In conclusion, we don't have all the answers to life and the human mind so are we all just hypocrites?

message 23: by Nithya (new)

Nithya If you don't understand what's written in the book then shut up

message 24: by Erial (new)

Erial Nithya wrote: "If you don't understand what's written in the book then shut up"

I understand what is written in the book Nithya. I have all books by Rhonda Byrne. I've applied these to various areas of my life and the books helped me throughout a very troubling time for me. It worked for me. Has it helped or changed your life?

message 25: by Nithya (new)

Nithya Thank you erial

message 26: by Erial (new)

Erial Nithya wrote: "Thank you erial"
Your welcome :D

message 27: by Alaa (new)

Alaa hussien I like your review .. good words :)

message 28: by Jennyvine (new)

Jennyvine Jumagdao Totally agree with Noah. Thinking about positive things doesn't mean NOT DOING ANYTHING. Law attraction is not just about thinking and then getting. It is thinking-doing-and then getting. Basically, whatever you think, your subconscious mind will lead you to "that thing". There are lots of books supporting the law of attraction theory. My only comment with Byrne is she wasn't able to explain it very clearly, in a realistic manner, like other author with these same message does. That's the reason why most readers misinterpret her.

message 29: by Dylan (new)

Dylan It is supossed to be uplifting and inspirational. You have to have an open mind to read these books. Sure it has a simple message, but I think that is Rhonda's point. Sometimes we over think and just need some simple advice. Being bipolar and literally suffering for many years I see how the book can be taken in a negative way but sometimes you just need a kind word and some simple advice. That's what this book gives. Its not a miracle or magic but I believe it serves its purpose for those who need its simple message.

message 30: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty I have just bought this book.. I am going through a hard time. I hope it helps me.

message 31: by Erial (new)

Erial Kirsty wrote: "I have just bought this book.. I am going through a hard time. I hope it helps me."

It will help you no matter what. All the best Kirsty! <3

message 32: by Rajan (new)

Rajan Very good review. Positive thinking is over hyped

message 33: by D (new)

D Fyned Well this book was what got me on a path to completelychanged my life. I have listened to it about 3 times on audible. I love it more and more every time and yes if you believe in it you will start seeing changes may even seem miraculous at times. Love is very powerful and when you act and think with love you truly do feel happiness and feel invinsible.

message 34: by JoeyJiggles (new)

JoeyJiggles Sounds like this biatch needs to read The Secret haha

message 35: by JoeyJiggles (new)

JoeyJiggles Sounds like this biatch needs to read The Secret haha

message 36: by Priya (new)

Priya Jha Ah! Dear Amanda, Sure Rhonda Byrne knows what she is doing. 'The Secret' has worked , atleast in her own life. Her books sell. And about your spiteful review, all self help books advocate belief. They don't guarantee a miracle. For anything to happen , you first got to belief.

message 37: by Maria (new)

Maria Sheehan Amanda, if anyone needs this book its you. Negativity flows off you in waves. Sending you love, light and happiness.

message 38: by Greg (new)

Greg Amanda, and what is it with all this "you can get all you want"? I like what the Rolling Stones taught us in the 1960s, "You can't always get what you want, but you get what you need," I'm fine with having my needs satisfied: A roof, a comfortable bed, much to much to eat, excellent health care through the ACA (which I know may go away, in which case I'll just use the emergency room for free as I'll have no other choice) friends who make up my family (because my blood family exiled me years ago because I liked Obama-and I can assure you it had all to do with Obama's appearance, if you get my drift) and I even have the luxury of a car, and best of all: all the books I want to read for free from the library!)

message 39: by Bella (new)

Bella CM Thank you for this review! I could not agree more!!!

message 40: by Donna (new)

Donna Henderson Some people will not believe The Secret, The Power, and some people will. The main thing is that if YOU find something in it that has a positive influence in your life, then that is a wonderful thing! It is all about connection with book which not every one will have. For me personally, I love how we are taught to visualise the universe as a whole, and how each of us is a part of it and its workings. When we feel as one, we are stronger. There is no doubt that this is a powerful book. So many lives have been changed, and not to mention the endless quotes made by iconic people.

message 41: by Maggs (new)

Maggs Totally agree with Amanda - you may not get what you want but what you will get what you need. I have a few of these types of books. Yes, the message may not be original but I might come across a passage that deals with a problem that I'm having currently or, provides me with an answer to a question has been bothering me. So coming across such books is a never a waste.

message 42: by Nicole (new)

Nicole i feel terribly sorry for all the people who talk mad sh*$ about rhonda byrne its obious your just an ungrateful worthless human being that cant achieve what she did sad sad sad grown ass people acting worst than 2 year olds

message 43: by Marie (new)

Marie I was a skeptic at first but when i tried it (just for fun), i was definitely surprised!!!! The SECRET does work!!
Only negative and bitter people like this Amanda would be such a sour puss. Hahaha.. She’s nothing but a nuisance.

message 44: by Allie (new)

Allie Damn Amanda you okay? As for me personally I think positive thought leads to positive action for example you wouldn't go for a job interview if you thought you were gonna suck at it for me it worked in that way as I practised positive affirmations and imagined I had the job so I thought and felt good which helped me perform better and I got the job after trying at others for months while I was desperate and lacked confidence which must have showed because I had many unsuccessful job interviews before I tried 'The Power' Psychology is a powerful thing if you change the way you think, you change the way you act and you change your life. My new motto is believe and you can achieve.

I understand this might not have worked for you and that's okay, as long as you've tried, there's no harm in trying. I hope you find something that you believe in and works for you/helps you ❤️

message 45: by Irina (new)

Irina Martoussevitch I agree that the books are oversimplifying things, but I have personally experienced the magic of the Law is Attraction several times. Unfortunately this isn’t something that one can explain- one has to experience it to realize the power.

message 46: by Shawna (new)

Shawna Yalte When you switch your mind set the positive actions follow. It's the end and flow of life. If your mind wanders into a dark abyss so do your actions. When your mind aims for the light, you automatically want to do and be better. But I agree that this is a missing price from the "positive thinking gurus" they don't outright say "go do more good" they assume we will just follow suite by instinct. Some do and others don't.

message 47: by Shawna (new)

Shawna Yalte When you switch your mind set the positive actions follow. It's the end and flow of life. If your mind wanders into a dark abyss so do your actions. When your mind aims for the light, you automatically want to do and be better. But I agree that this is a missing price from the "positive thinking gurus" they don't outright say "go do more good" they assume we will just follow suite by instinct. Some do and others don't.

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