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message 1: by Efrona (new)

Efrona Mor Wow I will put it on my to read list.. Sounds wonderful.. I love a good story but also enjoy good page design.. Thanks for the great review..

message 2: by Kerr-Ann (new)

Kerr-Ann Dempster Really? Okay now I have to get this. I picked it up the other day, but then changed my mind at the last minute. But I trust your reviews.

message 3: by Laura (new)

Laura Why the star change if I may ask.

message 4: by Whitney (new)

Whitney Atkinson Laura wrote: "Why the star change if I may ask."

no star change! i was just going through my reviews to revisit older books i've read and i was correcting some grammar along the way, and when i updated this one i forgot to mark "don't add this to my feed" hahaha

message 5: by Roselyn (new)

Roselyn Mags It definitely was unique, but in a good way haha :)

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