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unperspicacious Sara - any recommendations for contemporary analysis that is global but grounded (ie. not overly theoretical)?

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Sara Beyond Erik Olin Wright (Class Counts), I can offer Class Struggles, which provides an historical perspective, and dare with Class Struggle on the Home Front: Work, Conflict, and Exploitation in the Household - recommended in this amazing online course on Marxian class analysis in theory and practice:, even though I cannot stand gender studies (very post-workerist). For a transnational perspective, The Making of an Atlantic Ruling Class and Divided World Divided Class: Global Political Economy and the Stratification of Labour Under Capitalism.

unperspicacious Thanks Sara. Also - any China recommendations? ML stuff?

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Sara For a discussion of the official revolutionary classes and their evolution in China, Class in Contemporary China (not a critical approach). What does ML stand for?

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