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message 1: by Nick (new)

Nick Deherrera why do you not like this book... I understand it takes place in the future and its a war against giant space bugs but it is an interesting book. Personally I like the movie a lot better than the book but the book isn't horrible. The book is a good science fiction war story and I like books with war and I especially liked this one because it kept me interested with the characters life in the mobile infantry and how they felt about the war... You should at least like the movie... and if you haven't seen it watch it.

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael Aside from the reviewer not liking the book, I am perplexed that she found it to be a work that "shouldn't really fall into the sci-fi category." C'mon, it's a classic of the "military science ficiton" sub-genre.

What's not science-fiction-y about it? You have humans fighting aliens. They drop out of space ships in powered suits of armor to fight these aliens, while sometimes carrying around nuclear bazookas. You have the existence and thorough analysis of a society that is vastly different from our own and any other that's ever existed, touted by its in-story proponents as being rooted in scientific principles. The aggressive expansionist tendencies of the human race are discussed and is shown to lead to conflict with the Bugs, who also happen to be an aggressive expansionist species--just better organized. Isn't that the hallmark of any good science fiction: an exploration of human nature, in space?

Sure, Johnnie's discussion of bootcamp and military life probably aren't too off the mark of what a modern-day soldier would describe. But, hey, soldiering is soldiering; I doubt a Roman legionary would find the description of a modern soldier's life too strange, if you ignore the technology.

message 3: by Mike (new)

Mike Jenny I couldn't agree more. Sad part is I loved the movie. This book was just terrible. If I can also add to your review is that the whole book is virtually dictated in summary form. A style I hate.

message 4: by Azuma (new)

Azuma Franklin The book isn't terrible, your review is terrible. I can understand if you just didn't like the book, (I've noticed there are a lot of good books that you didn't like) but the reasons you state as to why you didn't like this book leave me wondering why you even considered reading it in the first place. Do yourself a favor and go read Harry Potter for the hundredth time and leave Heinlein for the grown folks.

message 5: by Justin (new)

Justin Dloski Just because you don't like a book, it should never mean that you don't recommend it. Remember that for the future. You are not the only person on earth.

message 6: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Attacking the author of a review with which you disagree doesn't sound like something that "grown folks" would do, Azuma.

Justin, are people not entitled to their opinions? I don't want to be forced to recommend books I hate...

message 7: by Michael (new)

Michael Leave Heinlein for the grown folks? Starship Troopers is a YA novel.

message 8: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Baird Honestly Jenny, after a brief look at your other reviews for various books I have to ask - Why did you even bother to read this book? This book is actually VERY easy to understand and follow. Whether you agree with the viewpoint is certainly debatable, but to say that the book was confusing or to criticize it for having lots of military training, etc. is just plain odd. I have to agree with the comments above that your review is just plain terrible. You should seriously consider removing it because it is honestly a little embarrassing for you.

message 9: by Brett (new)

Brett I haven't read this book yet(it's on my list, though), but i had to laugh at your review. One of my biggest complaints with war fiction is that characterization often takes a back seat to describing weapons, for example. So I can imagine what you mean.

message 10: by Dawson (new)

Dawson Kropp I am 14 years old and I understod this book (for the most part) and loved the characters. So anyone above my age should have no problem comprehending the context.

message 11: by Blaine (new)

Blaine Brett, if you haven't read it yet then why did you rate it?

message 12: by Hayden (new)

Hayden Waterson Can't understand a simple rank structure and yet you feel qualified to review a piece of literature. Interesting.

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